Bottle Breacher Review – A Legal And Fun Way To Purchase Bullets

When people hear of bullets, the immediate reaction is to associate them with violence and war, but would who wish to learn a twist and turn? Well, a couple has tried to demystify the concept by transforming bullets into a product that can be used in the everyday environment.

What is a Breacher bottle?

A Bottle Breacher is a bottle opener that are made by hand with a 50-caliber bullet, mostly used in war. Intriguing is not it? Well, that was my exact reaction to the idea, and when I got to understand the message, theme and the concept behind it, came even more exciting. What’s more? You can record a personal message, logo or icon to customize the product and make sure it is customized. The bottle opener can be used for decorative purposes in the display sections such as daily opener bottles or as a gift on special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries and graduations. What I found remarkable aspect as having offenders bottle that is produced from inert munitions are designed and decorated which means they are perfectly safe professionally.

Eli and Jen are the owners of Bottle Breacher and Eli, being a former Navy SEAL, is the only one who had the idea while still on active duty. Operations in military camps usually refers to the invasion of a territory or limit as a break and bring an aspect of originality, Eli decided to call his company Breacher bottle in line with what products are designed to do. With most people associate the sight of a firearm with violence and war, Eli tried to ensure that a different message is received by individuals and that is the shape of the bottle Breacher came into existence. Breacher bottle was designed to ensure the military veterans who have served given a new perspective of what 50 caliber bullets question. Breacher my attention on the bottle hit high gear when Eli and Jen shark tank settled in November 2014 in search of a partner and investment to take the business to greater heights. The agreement between them and two of the sharks, Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban, was a clear indication of the magnitude of the message and what the brand is all about.

Where and how they are produced breachers bottle?

breachers bottles are handmade by military veterans who have served in various deployments. recycled bullets are recreated for inert munitions are sourced by the company to produce bottles offenders. I learned that all orders is made for a bottle Breacher handled uniquely, and everything is done to perfection including engraving of a text, logo or image. Violators are then coated in a professional manner and finished with enamel exclusively to provide extra shine powder. The engraving accuracy is achieved through laser engraving which provides accuracy and timing with all texts and logos custom as patriotic flag images.

offenders of the bottle are not restricted to beer bottles, and here is where it got interesting for me as it was exposed to variations in the product that could also open wine bottles I it seemed incredible.

What makes breachers single bottle?

What attracts me to the breachers bottle is the fact that it can be able to customize the product to have a personalized guidance. With the entry of the aspects recorded, either of company logos, names, text, graphics, images or icons; bottles offenders serve as a great product that people can associate and have fun with. What stands out for me with the bottle offenders is how they can be used as a gift option for various occasions including being used as best man gifts, groomsmen, birthday and anniversary cards.

A significant point I gathered from research to violators of the bottle is the fact that their service is not limited to opening a beer or soda bottles because they can be used as a keychain supports or parts in sections beautiful decorative presentation for promotional products. I found it very impressive as it personifies the central point of a bullet with a message about the transformation of the misconceptions and bring a different perspective to the front.

key Highlights with breachers bottle

A Breacher bottle is designed to transform the notion that people have a fun and engaging way. The key points to consider to manage Breacher bottle as a company and the products it produces include:

  • breachers bottle can be engraved with personalized messages, logos or images.
  • settings varied use of breachers bottle them as it should be.
  • offenders bottle are completely safe, because they are made of inert ammunition
  • When buying one, you will send a message of peace and calm coexistence
  • a Breacher bottle will last a lifetime
  • breachers bottles are custom made and therefore can be used as gift options for different occasions.

price breachers Bottle

A Breacher bottle is a necessity especially because of its unique customization and configuration of the overall message you send. The price of a bottle of Breacher depends largely on the customization process is adopted, and this means that with each order you place, the engraving of a logo, name, image, icon or graphic text ultimately affect the price . The average price of a bottle Breacher is set at $ 23.99 including postage.

The baseline

Much has been made of bullets and firearms in terms of its impact on society, but Breacher Bottle offers a way to gain perspective different with respect to bullets. By having one or give it as a gift, which may play a role in transforming the stereotypical notion of bullets and ammunition for war by offering a wonderful product made of the same elements that people fear. So next time you think about opening that cold beer, make sure it is equipped with a bottle to help Breacher “failure” of the bottle in style.

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