Bottle Bracket – Interactive Wine Tasting Game Club?

Support Bottle is a wine club that allows subscribers to play a guessing game and earn points for new purchases. This is our opinion.

What is the support of the bottle?

bottle holder is a wine club like no other. Many other clubs wine-of-the-month just randomly sends a new flavor each month, and that’s the end of the transaction. No interaction or social elements, unless you count the opening of the new bottle with friends at a dinner. Bottle holder used his club to create a game between different subscribers.

Support Bottle sends wines with a unique different – the label remains hidden. The objective of this program is to try to guess the answers posing stand bottle of wine, what makes you earn points as you play the game with your friends.

When you subscribe to the service, a personal profile, which is where your stats connect to the game is created. You can compete against other subscribers for the highest scores, while keeping track of the wines you like best.

The aim of this club is to show consumers how much attention people pay the price of a wine, which is usually the deciding factor in which the wine ultimately selected to carry house in the store. However, there are many wines that are cheaper than they taste as good as, if not better than, their wine brands competing. While you play the game, you help program developers to determine the rating of the wines they offer, helping you expand your selection.

price tag and the impact of how they perceive wine drinkers and the rate more than you may think. Each time the taste and range of our wines, which help us to build a classification system based on personal taste wine from our members and not just the opinions of wine critics. The more you play and the more their wines are aligned, rather than help grow our database preferences exclusively from wine consumers like you and your friends bottle holder.

Products bottle holder

The interesting bottle holder is the constant rotation of wines. Usually, you will not receive the same wine in consecutive months. The product line is relatively limited.

You can choose to ask only one round of the game, which includes the set of games and a bottle of wine without a label. This allows you to try the game and see if it’s for you before joining the group.

Your next option is to go all in and decide to fully join the wine club. When you join, you will receive a quarterly shipment of wine, and are billed quarterly too.

If you misplaced your game board, you can also be purchased separately. However, if you buy only the game board, your order does not come with any wine.

How Subscription Works support Bottle

If you decide to join the subscription program, you receive a shipment of four bottles of wine every three months. The best part of this is that each wine is obtained from a small winery premises. This means that every victory has a personal history and a personal connection with the bottle holder.

There are some steps to get your subscription will

  1. Bottle Choose your subscription plan support.
  2. Enter your mailing information to receive four bottles of surprise he came along with a gameboard to play the game with your friends.
  3. Play the game.
  4. Enter your scores on the website to see how you did in this guessing game.
  5. wait for your next shipment to play the game again.

price bottle holder

When you purchase your subscription program, which is the best price and the value they receive. The subscription program is a total of $ 400 a year, which is billed in increments of $ 100 throughout the year. You get boxes in April, June, August, October, December and February.

You can also choose the single set of bottle and game, which is priced at $ 130. However, it also has the option to purchase the wines individually after the test. The wine starts at $ 20, and only comes to about $ 40. That makes all wines tries fully accessible to have in your next dinner party.

bottle holder contact

If you want to contact the manufacturers of this fun program, you can email them to [email protected] The main corporate office is located in San Francisco, California, with the rest of the founders of the company.


bottle holder is a fun way for consumers to try new wines and products that normally would not be able to treat unless visited the wineries in the area. This program is unique from other monthly clubs, allowing subscribers to enjoy a fun guessing game to treat a variety of unknown wines. You can still order your favorite after the test well. This club is an essential subscription for anyone who loves wine and try new things.

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