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you boot is a company based in the UK supplements. The company’s goal is to promote healthy lifestyles and active, and at the same time promote a balance in its users. By keeping these points as its foundation, focused on helping you boot your customers get welfare and health they want, through healthy eating and exercise.

About you boot

Unlike many other companies and health supplements, you boot does not encourage customers to follow extreme diets or using methods of intense exercise. Instead, you boot wants its customers to adopt a healthy lifestyle, one that will lead to the long-term effects duration.

you boot creates products that are intended to help their customers get the healthy lifestyle they’ve always wanted, leading to a more balanced and happy life. The products can be used for those wishing to start their journey of health, but also for those who are already carrying a healthy lifestyle.

Most of the products offered by you boot detox teas are aimed clean and cleanse the body of toxins and contaminants. This helps put the body in its natural state, which is the perfect time to start those trying to change their lives instead.

How you boot works

you boot, from natural ingredients of the highest quality, it gives users the push they need to start or get back on track with your healthy eating and lifestyle active life. Free natural teas, pure and preservatives help detoxification body , eliminating all waste, toxins and pollutants in the body. These toxins are eliminated through the lungs, intestines, kidneys , and skin.

Once you boot process is done, users feel healthier and more energetic, ready to start their new journey of health.

during the day and bedtime Detox tea are the two main products offered by you boot. Each being necessary to constantly take so they can work and each has its own separate set of instructions for the best use.

How to use during the day Detox

during the day detox should be taken every morning when the user wakes up. To do during the day Detox near boiling water should be poured on a single tea bag. The tea is needed to infuse for about 3 to five minutes.

This preparation time will allow all the nutrients are released by the ingredients and also help all the flavors seep into the cup.

Using bedtime tea

Bedtime tea should be taken every other night just before going to sleep, for those who are doing the teatox 14 days. Boiling water should be poured onto a tea bag bedtime and should be infused for 3 to five minutes.

Because tea bedtime works as a mild laxative, you boot suggests using tea for the first time this weekend, just in case. While bedtime tea is mild and usually does not result in any problems, it is always better to be safe.

is also very important for users to make sure they drink plenty of water during the teatox, especially after bedtime tea. Because clean the system, users can make slightly dehydrated. Drinking more water will not only help prevent this from happening, but also help the teatox more effective.

Tea Ingredients

The two main products are offered by you boot your tea during the day and bedtime your cleaner. Each serving a specific purpose and should be used together to get the best effects.

daytime tea works to energize and motivate users, which helps to focus and stay on track to achieve their health goals. Tea contains day:

– Chinese Oolong Tea
– mate leaves
– Ginger root
– fennel seeds
– Lemongrass
tooth lion leaf
Ginseng root
– gotu kola leaves
– nettle leaves

tea bedtime Cleanse works as a very mild laxative, with natural ingredients to help the body cleanse yes, specifically the digestive system. Use of this tea will help reduce bloating, gas and bloating. It will also help users feel more energetic. Bedtime Cleanse contains:

– senna
– mint leaves
fenugreek seeds
– The roots of licorice
– leaves hawthorn
– – valerian root [19459018
burdock root] – psyllium seed

the Plan Food you boot

As mentioned above, you boot believes in encouraging users to live the healthy lifestyle, rather than make quick diets and extreme workouts. To help a healthier life live your customers, you boot offers free eating plan. This eating plan is extremely flexible, so it can be used by most people, even those with busy schedules and dietary restrictions.

was made

The eating plan to help optimize weight loss process that starts with the detoxification you boot. The plan offers several different options for each meal and two different times for snacks. However, you boot ensures that users know that does not approve its participants never be hungry, so if the meal plan is leaving hungry throughout the day, should add another snack time.

Shopping you boot

you boot is available for purchase on its website.

The most popular item sold on the website is you boot you boot Teatox Day 14 and Day 28 Teatox. These packages include both tea during the day and tea at bedtime. The Teatox day 14 system sells for £ 19.99 and 28 Day Teatox system is being offered for £ 34.99.

Customers can also purchase separately teas or get a subscription through you boot to get their teas delivered to them each month. You boot also offers a survival kit during the winter of £ 39.99. The survival kit includes multivitamins you boot a system Teatox 14 days, a travel mug, and boot little oatmeal. Soon you boot Oatmeal is a protein of option oatmeal that users can make for breakfast in the morning.

Because you boot is in the UK, their shipping policies are slightly different than for those located in the United States. Shipping policies are:

– Delivery in the UK is £ 3.99 and delivery the next working day in order before 14:00

– Delivery in Europe is. of £ 5 and takes 2-5 working days

– Delivery throughout the US and Canada is £ 5 and takes 2-5 working days

-. Delivery to the rest of the world varies depending on destination

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