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Body Happy is a line of care and innovative new skin that has products that can treat both his face and body. This is our opinion.

What is the body Merry?

Body Happy is a line of skin care products that healthy and safe products for both face and body. In order to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin at all, you need to make sure you choose Products that are specific to your skin type , and includes products that are to the right places of your body. That’s where enters Happy Body.

Happy Body began in 2014 with the aim of helping people simply provide the right care for your skin at an affordable price. products skin care they are often so expensive, making it difficult for consumers to be able to get the treatment they need. However, the company changed the game.

The creator of Body Happy was just a lawyer in the biggest law firm in India, but decided to pursue a new life in Florida. Climate change caused problems arise in the previous skin, and soon saw that the products right skin care were too out of reach. As a result she began Body Happy.

The first product was launched Happy Body Cream Eye Age of Defense, which still produces Happy Body and a lot of still sold. As the popularity of this revolutionary product increases, the product line began to expand into a routine skin care complete.

At this time, there are 19 care products different skin, all of which are available to customers on six different continents. All are made with healthy and wholesome ingredients that are essential for healthy skin.

In order to give customers security on the use of the product, Body Feliz offers the promise that anyone dissatisfied with their results can return the products within 90 days of purchase. This return will earn a refund of 100%. This warranty is valid for any person who makes the purchase directly from Happy Body, or through an authorized third party. At this time, the third is only authorized Amazonas.

Purchases made from the following vendors are not eligible for back guarantee:

  • selling unauthorized products on Amazon
  • eBay
  • Good Deals Joe
  • IWentPrime
  • Quantum Sale

Moreover, if you buy multiple bottles of the same product, only you will receive a refund of 100 % for the first purchase.

Merry Body Products

Most of the products are made of body Merry vegan ingredients. However, the entire product line is not completely vegetarian. The non-vegan ingredients used in these formulas include beeswax, Propolis , royal jelly, hydrolyzed collagen and honey. However, you should read the entire label to determine the ingredients included. If none of these ingredients are listed in the product, then the product is completely vegetarian.

Body Happy is against animal cruelty. This means that none of these products are ever tested on animals.

One of the biggest attractions of Body Happy is the freshness of the product easy. In order to ensure quality and efficiency, each product is made in a small batch with fresh ingredients. Since the products are not made in large quantities, texture and appearance may vary slightly from order to order. However, the recipe is exactly the same every time, so you can be sure that you are still getting the same product.

To determine appropriate for your skin type, you can go to the function of “mixing.” This section of the website allows you to specify your skin problems and what you hope to fix with your complexion. After two multiple-choice questions, you are taken to a page with each product that is right for you.

The body Merry products are divided into two main categories – facial care and body care. It is important to select the right products for the area being treated. His face has a more delicate texture than the rest of his body, so that the use of force for a product for body care, would probably result in outbreaks and other issues. Always make sure your system matches the right side of your body for the best results.

The price ranges for these products are as follows:

  • Facial Care
    • range is $ 12.99 for the toner of $ 24.99 per gel scar
    • products available include:
      • Cleaning products
      • Toners
      • Yanshuang
      • The moisturizers
      • Sera
    • body Care
      • the range is $ 15.79 for stretch mark cream / scar gel scar $ 24.99
      • products available include treatments for:
        • Stretchmarks
        • Cellulite
        • Scars
        • moisturizers

the use of the body Happy

Happy body has a variety of products, so that the use of the products depend mainly on the type of product purchase. You are able to customize treatment of skin care for your age and skin type, along with many other factors. All these products are items that most people have used in their regime skin care , so that products are fairly easy to use.

For example, using a cleanser and moisturizer involve wash your face with the cleanser, rubbing your dry skin, and rub moisturizer. As a general rule, you should use your cleanser or body wash first, then you should use any moisturizer or aftershave lotion. By following a regimen of skin care with Happy Body, most customers see results within six to twelve weeks of constant use.

Since there are many different formulas involved with the body Merry, the program works skin care for all skin types.

body club Happy

If you want to receive updates and special discounts on selected products, can join the Club Body Feliz. The membership costs nothing out of pocket. Just enter your name and email address to access offers and promotions that are only available to members. In addition, when you enroll in the program, you will receive a 25% discount on their first purchase through it.

body contact Happy

The best way to contact the customer service department of the Body Happy is filling the electronic form on its website. By filling out the form, you allow the company to contact you by email about your inquiry. If you want a faster response, you can use the live chat option to talk to someone right away.


Body Merry is a healthy company that offers a variety of healthy and safe for your skin products. With the ability to obtain discounts with a simple record of your updates, this company gives a better than many companies expensive skin care value.

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