Board and Batten Begin Again Micro Facial Buff & Masque

Board and Batten Begin Again Micro Facial Buff & Masque

by Kelly F.

I was the winner of the Dare to try for board and batten Begin Again Micro Mask Facial Cream ($ 42/4 oz) and enjoyed using the product for most of the last month. This product has a great name for something made very simple and safe ingredients. I am 51 years old with fair skin and I mixed in post menopause.

The product arrived in a glass bowl well, with a small opening where the formula is poured into very light dry powder. Difficult to use at first, but soon I was pouring about a teaspoon in the palm of the hand and adding tap water easily. No idea how you would be able to complete the exact measurements as described in the bottle like the mouth of the bottle is too small to insert any type of measuring spoon. The formula then formed a good lather that have applied to the face.

After massaging my face rinsed very clean and without visible residues. I have to mention that this is probably the mildest cleaning product I have ever used, not remarkable “buff” and would often take a double cleaning to remove my sunscreen at the end of the day.

There are very few ingredients here. The base product is corn starch flour quinoa and oatmeal (which can also be very soothing to the skin) to gently scrub the dirt. fatty acids of coconut cocoyl isethionate sodium acts as a surfactant and there is honey, as well as some organic fruit extracts for skin lightening. No preservatives or nasty!

For use as a mask, honey mixed instead of water with dust and I tried this and immediately felt the firm and shine, and that is certainly hydration, but the downside is the disorder that now face cleaning up. Better if you just get in the shower after this process!

No idea how to describe the aroma than wonderfully clean, certainly not offensive because there are no artificial ingredients in this product. There was no noticeable change in texture or hyperpigmentation in the last month, but it is my opinion that it is not reasonable to expect a cleaner anyway. This product has been fun to use!

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