Blue Lagoon Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Blue Lagoon Rejuvenating Eye Cream

Already in 2012, a member of the community Ann recounted entertainment but ultimately satisfied with their experience with Blue Lagoon Iceland against aging eye cream . Since then Blue Lagoon has been back to the lab and made some reformulation, changing the name to Rejuvenating Eye Cream (about $ 96). As I had recently had a good experience with Blue Lagoon algae mask , which was more than game to see if the eye cream would prove to be new and improved.

Unfortunately, I can not recommend Blue Lagoon Cream Rejuvenating Eye. In fact, I did at the end of my trial period because it seemed too difficult and unpleasant to use.

The cream comes in a tub and could be described as rich. I found dense. So much so that it was difficult to apply. Anything larger than the smallest amount was very difficult for me to rub on my skin. However, the disadvantage of being very cautious was that it was like using any eye cream at all and my eye area soon began to look dry and crepey. My attempts to gradually increase appeared to be counterproductive at all times. I just could not get the cream to absorb properly and after a week or so started to get product build with dry lumps of creaming established in the crow’s feet that were spoken slots.

After more stops and starts than a novice driver, gave me a beat to a complete stop. I gave up. When it came to writing this review, I again remind myself what Ann had written about the old version. To my surprise, it was reported a similar experience and described the syndrome of accumulation of product that made her look like a raccoon in reverse.

Blue Lagoon is notable for its use of geothermal seawater (in this eye cream, which is near the top of the list of ingredients), algae and extract silica is near lower part. These are unique to its geographical location and there is research published in Dermatology Experimental that attempts to reach what the silica slurry and two different species of microalgae derived from the blue lagoon which makes them good is for the skin. In addition, the line is expression inhibitor peptide, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8.

New in this latest version are glucosyl hesperidin , an ingredient that helps with dark circles under the eyes, fatty oil rich babassu acid, sodium hyaluronate and oil of a kind prickly pear. One of the most interesting is goggul, a resin of a tree from India. This is an ingredient that will be on the look out for a study that compared to CoQ10, performed much better to boost collagen and inhibition of elastase.

The rest of the formula is a mixture of predictable silicones, triglycerides, celluloses and preservatives. I really can not pinpoint what is the formula that makes the consistency of both a barrier to use. Maybe just not right for me (or Ann three years ago).

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