BLIS K12 – Is This A Whole New Kind Of Probiotic?

Many consumers are familiar with the use of a probiotic to help with your digestive health. Probiotics are used to help introduce healthy bacteria for the digestive system, which works to eliminate the bad bacteria that accumulates between preservatives and artificial ingredients in food. You may think that probiotics is a supplement that can only help improve your digestive system. If that is the case, you are definitely wrong. That’s where the BLIS K12 system comes into play.

What is BLIS K12?

BLIS K12 is incredibly unique in that the point of taking this supplement is not actually directly from your digestive system and is functioning. Instead, this probiotic formula is dedicated to helping support the health of your ears, nose and throat, along with giving your immune system a boost. This unique perspective makes BLIS K12 the first probiotic to focus on oral health, which is a trend that other health supplement companies must realize.

The strain of bacteria used in this formula was originally found and isolated by Professor John Tagg in New Zealand. Due to its challenges in its infancy, lifelong dream of Professor Tagg was to find natural solutions for ailments affecting the ears, nose and throat. As a microbiologist in adulthood, it was equipped with the training and knowledge needed to try to find a suitable probiotic formula.

While searching, Professor Tagg followed children in New Zealand for years, taking saliva samples to help determine what differences there were between children. However, soon he came to a discovery while studying the health of a particular child for a period of six years -. This child has incredible health of the throat, and went on to have a single strain of Streptococcus salivarius

Why Streptococcus salivarius?

Streptococcus salivarius is one of the first probiotics are introduced into our body, and is present in childhood. Some scientists and researchers believe that originally achieved through a kiss from his mother, but that theory is just speculation.

BLIS K12 is a highly beneficial strain of probiotics, and has a known effect on improvement of the ear, nose, throat and health. Studies are available in the scientific community who support the idea that children who regularly have these bacteria in your body generally have better oral health.

Since the discovery of the teacher, who made it his mission to develop a probiotic formula that is available to the public, leading to these high quality and refined bacteria.

In addition to the obvious effects of the BLIS K12 system is in your oral health, but is also stable in storage. In essence, this means that you do not have to keep to the handling or refrigeration to keep it active special. You can stay at room temperature for years before it loses some of its power.

Ways to consume BLIS K12

One of the biggest advantages over the BLIS K12 system is the fact that there are so many different forms of probiotics, which makes it easy for anyone to drink. Instead of having to swallow a capsule, most methods involve consumption or test the probiotic chewing somehow. You can choose between:

  • chewable tablet
  • fast-melt tablet
  • Tablet
  • piece of gum
  • in Stick-Pack
  • dust

No matter which method or format you use, you still get all the health benefits of taking a supplement for your dental health.

The use of BLIS K12

The probiotic BLIS K12 is designed to be taken daily to support the health of your teeth, gums, and everywhere in the mouth.

This formula is designed with every consumer in mind, which means that people of all ages can have exactly the same probiotic. Getting enough for the whole family for you, your spouse, your parents, and your children can get all the oral assistance they need for a healthy mouth .

When Probiotic is taken, you also get the added benefit of fresher breath because of the smell of probiotic during digestion.

contact manufacturers BLIS K12

The website does not seem to have a specific way to contact manufacturers BLIS K12. However, they have several profiles on social networks. To send a question or to stay current on the latest changes in the company, check out their profiles on Twitter and Facebook.


The major attraction of the formula BLIS K12 is that this is an area of ​​the body that most consumers do not think to deal with a probiotic. Your oral health is as important as your immune system and digestive system because poor oral hygiene has been associated with caries, gingivitis, and even diabetes. Be sure to keep up with their oral health as much as you take care of the rest of your body to try this probiotic for your family.

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