BioMax Pro – Giving The Parasites An Eviction Notice

People are fighting parasites every day. BioMax Pro is an available exclusively online for $ 70 nutritional supplement The supplement is committed to supporting the health of the digestive system. Here is our opinion BioMax Pro.

What is BioMax Pro?

BioMax Pro is a dietary supplement that claims to support your digestive health by promoting a balance healthy flora and healthy immune system functionality.

The supplement is priced at around $ 70, so it is one of digestive health supplements most expensive on the market today.

Pro BioMax is made by a company called Life Enteral laboratories. The supplement appears to be the first and only product of the company have been published.

All you need to do is take one capsule per day and your digestive health is restored. There are 30 capsules in each bottle $ 70. The supplement intended specifically address Candida overgrowth, says a problem that affects 4 out of 5 Americans (though not cite any source for that number).

Why do you need to take BioMax Pro? Is the body really infected toxically?

BioMax Pro claims to work to rid your body of infestations. This is how the company tries to scare you into buying the add:

“It is a parasite that uses your body as it is [sic] staff area food, take care of your stomach first, then all his GI roads, forcing crave foods you want … while slowly destroying your body from the inside out. governments are finally admit that this is real. ”

Yes, it’s true: eternal life laboratories states that more and more people are getting sick every year due to this new single parasite. In fact, 250 million Americans already have this parasite. And by the time you read the warning, “it may already be too late.”

Once past the marketing hype and scare tactics, you will learn that BioMax Pro is speaking candidly, which is a natural bacteria found in your digestive tract. It is classified as a type of yeast fungus. As Wikipedia explains, “many species are harmless.”

However, candida overgrowth can lead to various health problems. It is a very common problem among women, where overgrowth of certain bacteria candida can cause problems such as candidiasis.

However, Candida overgrowth is not as scary as BioMax problem Pro wants you to think. Only about 90,000 people a year in the United States experience serious complications as a result of candida virus.

Do not misunderstand me: this is still a large number of people. But it is far from the figure “250 million Americans” that BioMax Pro wants you to think. Pro BioMax, incidentally, never gives us a source or a subpoena for any of these statistics. For all we know, they’re just making these numbers up as they go along.

In any case, BioMax Pro claims that candida has turned his body “into a sewage system” and that his digestive tract is full of toxic waste.

The only way to stop these problems, very conveniently, is to take BioMax Pro.

How BioMax Pro Work?

BioMax Pro claims to work as chitin synthesis inhibitor. Inhibits chitin synthesis using a high dose of probiotics.

These probiotics candida prevent the formation of a matrix of strong cell wall. Instead, a matrix of the cell wall permeable holey is formed.

As Pro BioMax manufacturers explain, “This quickly leads to a catastrophic failure of its cell wall in multiple locations,” ultimately kill the fungus candida.

BioMax Pro Ingredients

At this point, smart readers wonder, “what kind of ingredients are used in Pro BioMax?”

Well, prepare to be disappointed, because BioMax Pro refuses to give their patients all the information about the supplement ingredient. Instead of telling you about information on specific dosage, specific strains of probiotics used, or any other information you would want to know before pushing a pill in her body, BioMax Pro simply says meaningless lines as:

“BioMax Pro is very different from any other … supplements on the market today because they are absent active plant ingredients found in this amazing supplement.”

“We use the most advanced research, and then around the world to find the best ingredients in the purest formulations ….”

Every time you see a manufacturer spitting supplements such lines while refusing to tell the actual ingredients, that’s a huge red flag . This means that the supplement is probably only a reformulation underdosed, another popular probiotic expensive.

if you are paying $ 20 for Pro BioMax (which is the average price paid by other supplements), then this would not be a big problem. However, the manufacturer wants to pay the ridiculous sum of $ 70 for just 30 capsules. At that price, we expect to see more information.

BioMax Pro pricing

BioMax Pro has a higher than virtually all other probiotics on the market price today. This is how the pricing breaks down:

  • 1 bottle: $ 69.95
  • 2 Bottles: $ 119.90
  • 4 bottles: $ 199.80

shipping is included in the above prices. You can also check a box to join an automatic shipment program, in which case the manufacturer will send your supplement order every 1, 2, or 4 months, depending on which package you purchased.

All purchases come with a 90 day money back guarantee. The sales page also features a countdown timer that demands your offer will disappear if you do not complete the form in a very short span of time. They also claim that their supplement is very low “because soon after they appear in the national media.” I could not find a single source of national media talking about BioMax Pro, it seems that manufacturers Pro BioMax just made that “national media” attention.

shouold You Use BioMax Pro to improve your digestive health?

BioMax Pro is a supplement for digestive health that makes huge promises about its benefits and then refuses to support these benefits with any type of scientific evidence – or even a list of ingredients. You are paying $ 70 per bottle of 30 capsules Pro BioMax and we have no idea whether it works.

That’s a big problem. You can buy a good month supply of a probiotic Amazon and other retailers for $ 20 to $ 30. Pro BioMax is asking you to pay more money for far fewer benefits.

Another problem is the shadow of the marketing tactics of the company, including the invention of false statistics without any sources, claiming they were presented in “national media”, and the use of countdown timers false on the sales page.

Ultimately, on the basis of this information, BioMax Pro looks more like a scam than a legitimate supplement. You can buy best probiotics for a fraction of the price of literally any other health supplement retailer.

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