Big Tree Farms – Quality Healthy Coconut Sugar & Oil?

If you were to use sugar at some point in your day, whether for coffee, baking, or otherwise, you should at least make sure that you are using a form of quality. These days, you can find the sugar that is derived not only derived from traditional plant sugar cane, but stevia plants and coconut tree. Among all these options, this review will pay attention to the latest information and choice, which is coconut sugar coming.

Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar is not any kind of sweetener, but as Mark mentioned, is “perfect sweetener nature.” This review will help you determine if this sweetener is perfect for you.

What is Big Sugar Coconut Tree Farms?

Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar source is sugar from the nectar of flowers growing in pure coconut coconut trees. Unlike traditional sugar, this sugar is completely unrefined. Sugar also is known for its high nutritional and low glycemic index value, so that a suitable alternative for people with diabetes.

Another quality of this sugar is that it can be used to sweeten anything. It has the same level of sweetness as a teaspoon traditional sugar, while also more nutrients packaging.

Big Tree Farms

If you are concerned about your health and integrity of the products you use, understanding where their products are obtained it is essential. Big Tree Farms is the first brand in the world to certify the use of coconut sugar. Since 2014, the company makes sure that all coconut sugar is a certified Fair Trade.

With the purchase of a product certified Fair Trade, you can solidify your commitment to the planet and the environment. Fair Trade certified products are those in which its impact on the environment is low. The products created by Big Tree Farms, including sugar famous brand coconut, ensure that the production process does not endanger the planet.

Big Tree Farms uses coconut palms are grown not only sugar source, but they also work to nourish the environment. Trees help revitalize the soil and provide shade for crops growing beneath them. As you can see, buying a coconut sugar as Big Tree Farms brand not only offers a great product, but also makes you a pattern of a brand that is deeply committed to the environment and sustainability.

This coconut sugar taste like regular sugar?

Another quality to understand about this sugar is not known exactly the same as regular sugar, but supposedly better. The taste is very similar to that of soft brown sugar, making it an ideal solution for any scenario where you need something to sweeten solution. This sugar is complemented with coffee, tea, cereals, and the cooking process.

Since measurement level between regular sugar and coconut sugar is essentially the same, it will be very easy for you to make the change. All you need to do is change the traditional sugar level for coconut sugar.

How is the Coconut Sugar origin?

Big Tree Farms origin makes coconut sugar farmers he works with. The brand works directly with farmers to collect the nectar of the coconut trees. Once harvested, the nectar is transported to processing facilities owned enterprises. In this way, the company has more control over the process and can ensure that the quality standards, quality and integrity are being met in the creation of the final product.

Health Benefits of Coconut Sugar

Now that you know a bit about the brand, the taste of coconut sugar, and other useful information, below is a summary of the benefits health that will make the change of regular sugar coconut sugar.

low glycemic index

For those who have diabetes or who can only consume foods with low glycemic index, coconut sugar is a great alternative. The glycemic index of coconut sugar is 35, which is much lower than cane sugar and honey, both are 68 and 55, respectively. To ensure that you are getting a product with a low glycemic index each time, the brand continually tested batches of coconut sugar. In addition, to protect the glycemic index of the final product, Big Tree Farms does not add granulated sugar or other fillers in product quality can bias.

high nutrient content

Coconut sugar is also high in nutrient value compared with other sweeteners on the market. As Mark mentioned intelligently, the nutritional value of coconut sugar does not mean you should use coconut sugar to replace the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, but the point takeaways in general is that coconut sugar relatively is a healthy alternative to other sweeteners that are available alternative.

Sustainable sweetener

Finally, coconut sugar is a sustainable sweetener. This essentially means that the cultivation, harvesting and production process is not as harmful to the environment as other major forms of sugar. The fact that maintaining a healthy sugar biome is another reason to choose this brand.

Different forms coconut sugar

Finally, the Big Tree Farms has different forms coconut sugar available. For example, the sugar brand comes in flavors like vanilla, sea salt, cinnamon and turmeric madder root. These different variations not only make the product more interesting, but also give you a greater variation in their choices.


Generally, if you are looking for a replacement for regular sugar that is better for your health, organic, sustainable, and delicious, then coconut sugar is the best option. The various options available to you through Big Tree Farms can be purchased at your local health food store, online web stores, or through the website of the brand.

While coconut sugar may seem a bit pricey, it is definitely worth the investment if you want to make productive change for their well-being and lifestyle. He is also obliged to love the taste and quality of the product.

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