Big Pharma Secretly Funds War Against Medical Marijuana

They kill 18,000 Americans a year … They cause fatal overdoses more than heroin and cocaine combined prescription opioid analgesics are … behind the biggest addiction epidemic in US history. 1

And what you are doing big pharmaceutical to stop it? Absolutely nothing.

In fact, a shocking new report shows that are doing everything possible to keep it going.

One of their strategies is to finance secret war against medical marijuana. 2 legal cannabis is a major threat to the enormous profits they get from OxyContin, Vicodin and other opiates dangerous.

In places where marijuana is legal, people use less prescription painkillers. In fact, deaths from painkillers fall 25% in states where medical marijuana is legal, according to a study by the Journal of the Medical Association of America . 3.4

Medical marijuana has been shown to treat a number of pharmaceutical drugs better than human ailments. Studies show that cannabis is certainly the best that opiates chronic pain. And you can end the spasms of multiple sclerosis, epilepsy fight, kill cancer cells, relieve nausea, and stop seizures in children. 5.6

Until the 1930s, Americans could buy remedies containing medical marijuana at your local pharmacy . 7 However, large pharmaceutical companies stepped in to stop that. They foresaw billions of dollars in profits evaporation if the cannabis gained strength as a safer medical alternatives.

they have now found an unlikely ally in their effort to keep pumping full US opioids. They are funding base known drug get oppose medical marijuana.

They are investing millions of dollars to the Alliance for Children and Drug Free Community Coalition Drug of America (CADCA). 8 Partnership for Drug Free Kids is best known for its famous TV ads showing an egg frying on behalf of “your brain on drugs.”

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In the course of just four months, more than a dozen natural cancer doctors died or disappeared …

The outrage provoked a storm of controversy in natural health circles. But the media still has to cover.

That’s why an independent investigation started when the situation began to unfold. And today we are sharing with you surprising evidence that we discover .

Purdue Pharma, which has cleared $ 27 billion in revenues from sale of OxyContin since 1996, spends millions to support these groups. The same goes for Abbott Laboratories. They make Vicodin.

The CADCA also receives large amounts of money from Janssen Pharmaceutical (subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) that produces the painkiller NUCYNTA. Pfizer, which manufactures various opioid products, is also a donor.

And now a company called Alkermes has jumped into the act. They make a new controversial painkiller called Zohydro. It is 10 times stronger than OxyContin.

Think about the folly of this situation … Companies selling drugs that cause addiction deadly epidemic United States are the largest donors to foundations against drugs.

Unholy Alliance of Big Pharma with antidrug Charities

The result? The anti-drugs now rail against marijuana groups and are gentle on any legislation limiting opioids.

In 2012, the Partnership for a Drug-Free Kids and Purdue Pharma CADCA supported in opposition to a change in labeling for opioids. It has made clear the drugs should be used only for “severe pain.”

Both groups refuse to support pending legislation to combat the epidemic of opiate addiction. This includes Abuse Act Stop Oxy . Would limit the prescription of OxyContin. (It would also make products Hydrocodone, Vicodin and Lortab as more difficult to prescribe).

And they have refused to support measures to take the new super-powerful painkiller Zohydro off the market. 9

The fundamentals are in lockstep with Big Pharma in swatting down medical marijuana. In May, CADCA opposed to an amendment in Congress that would block the Drug Control Agency US storming operations of legal medical marijuana states.

In March, both groups urged government officials to keep marijuana appears as a drug of Class I. This designation indicates that it has no medical use and is one of the most dangerous drugs. Is the same category as LSD and heroin.

The news is even worse … Besides the big pharmaceutical companies, you know who’s funding efforts CADCA and Association for Drug Free Kids to keep cannabis and opiates flowing illegal?

You do. The two groups billion in federal funds each year.

This situation is a dream come true for Big Pharma. They are able to hide behind the anti-drugs, medical marijuana attacks groups and opioid epidemic sweeps under the carpet. [x]

However, marijuana is not the only natural alternative to prescription drugs potentially devastating. We have a list of others in our special report Top 10 dangerous and pharmaceutical drugs Your Natural Alternatives .

it is an important read for you and your family. There is a good chance of a loved one is endangering his life. And you may have no idea.

get all the details here .

In good health,

Angela Salerno
Executive Director, INH Health Observatory

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