Best of 2015: Beauty

We know we say this every year but 2015 was really one of the books. We felt beyond lucky to have such wonderful readers, and a job that allows us to produce such a fun and interesting content. Really it is never a dull moment around the headquarters! So instead of getting all sentimental and nostalgic all by ourselves here, we decided to bring some of our favorite blog posts of the year to share with everyone, starting today with beauty. In no particular order, here are our top positions beauty of 2015 …

How to do a double dutch brain bun

1. Hair How: Dutch double braid Bun
If there were a prize for the most beautiful hair ever, it is likely to go to Miss Amber FillerUp blog Barefoot Rubio . We are big fans of Amber blog (and hair), so we were delighted to have her as a guest contributor, sharing their tips to make this impressive braided updo.

How to get the perfect brow shape like Lauren Conrad

2. Primp Tip: How to find your perfect brow Shape
Eyebrows are a complicated issue, even if you are pretty well versed in hair and makeup kingdom. We loved Lauren nonsense guide to improve your natural brow shape, including its limbs in defining his bow and the correct way to use a brow gel.

Winged eyeliner tips

3. Beauty beginners: How to Get the perfect eyes with eyeliner wings
Sometimes, the best it is back to basics, so we loved Lauren beauty beginners both series. This step by step guide for beginners to use to apply the eyeliner wings can make a beauty guru of anyone.

How to do an at-home aromatherapy steam facial

4. DIY Beauty: how to give yourself a facial steam with aromatherapy
From the development of the kitchen we love a good DIY project. And beauty treatments are no exception! This easy, at home facial steam it will make you feel as if you have taken a trip to the spa without having to leave the house.

Tuesday Ten: The Best in Eco-Friendly Beauty

5. Tuesday Ten: The best in environmentally friendly beauty
If you’ve been reading the site for a while, you know that going green is something that we all feel passionate about. The 10 brands of green beauty round in this job just as well (if not better!) Than any other, but include only the safest ingredients and follow environmentally friendly practices well.

Beauty School: How to Get My Beachy Waves

6. Beauty School: how to get my Beachy Waves
This tutorial video was one of the inputs blog more popular year (beauty or otherwise). In it, Lauren shares her tips for getting all those tousled, waves California girl using a curling iron and styling products right.

Bridal hair ideas

7. Wedding bells: The most beautiful wedding hairstyles
The happiest day of your life calls the most beautiful hair of his life, right? From an elegant chignon for beautiful braids they loved rounding these wedding hairstyles for all our dedicated ladies out there.

Foods that make your hair grow faster

8. Primp Tip: The three major foods that make hair grow
As anyone who has had a bad haircut know, time seems to slow down when it really is waiting for your hair to grow. If you can not wait longer locks, you’ll want to check out this blog post on the three foods that stimulate hair growth.

10 Tips for a Flawless Complexion

9. Primp Tip: 10 tips for better skin
A radiant complexion is clear base makeup tricks all fun we love to blog about. If acne is a dull complexion or premature aging that worries you, this entry will truly take your routine skin care to a higher level.

Lauren Conrad's Advice on Getting a Major Haircut

10. Lauren Question: How do you know if you are ready for Chop
When Lauren chopped several inches her hair, which left us all wondering if an elegant Vaseline was in our future too. In this blog, Lauren shared how he knew he was ready to make the cut.

Which of these blogs beauty was your favorite?

Cheers to a wonderful 2015!



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