Best Makeup tips to Hide Your Dark Circles

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dark circle is a major problem that many people face these days. With a quick movement life and busy work schedule most people these days do not even have adequate sleep which can lead to dark circle. However, in some cases, even after having she slept much, you still have dark circles and this could be due to various reasons like hereditary, unhealthy life style, hormonal changes, stress or seasonal changes. They have dark circles make you look dull and tired even if it is full of energy.

Many are under the misconception that they can hide dark circles by using bases, but the mere foundation is of no help and even looks worse and false. And this is when a checker can come to your aid, but the simple application is better than not applying anything. There is a right way to do everything and in this case, you need to follow proper techniques to hide dark circles.

So now let’s look at this in detail.



The first thing to do is ensure that the foundation is successful before starting your concealer.



After applying a correction the next step is to dab a single stroke of a lipstick orange under the eye as this will help get rid of any purple hues.


Now, with the help of corrector draw an inverted under the eyes triangle and then mix the lipstick orange and concealer together in a slow gentle tapping, and to do the best you can use is not a brush, but his fingertips. One point to keep in mind it is that you should highlight the area using a concealer in a shade that is lighter than the tone of real fur as this would give the impression that they are wide awake and have very bright eyes.



Now is the time to do this using a translucent powder for makeup that does not wrinkle and maintained for longer.

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