Benefits of Garlic!

A common saying that everyone knows. That’s how good it really is.

Garlic is probably the oldest known medicinal plants, and it really has been credited with fighting heart-related diseases, reducing blood pressure levels and helps fight colds.

In fact, garlic has been used medicinally for over 3,000 years, but until relatively recently its benefits is considered nothing more than folklore. According to a report in the Journal of the Medical Association of America (28 Nov., 1990; 264: 2614), the therapeutic roles of garlic have already been described in many of 1,000 research. Cooking with garlic

Most modern research on garlic has focused on its ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure and protect against stroke and heart problems.

The following may be a more detailed account of garlic for many different organs in the human body:

1. Protection in the liver of toxic substances: Garlic active liver cells and thus protects the liver from toxic substances; In addition, it rejuvenates a tired liver and promotes normal operation.

2. Improved blood flow: When allicin is heated from the process of cooking garlic, an ingredient called “Ajoene” is. This substance carries a suppressive effect on thrombus and blood cholesterol, which is effective in the treatment of atherosclerosis and thrombosis.

3. Regulation of stomach function: Allicin promotes secretion of gastric juices by stimulating mucous membranes with the stomach; Furthermore, it combined with proteins which can reduce excessive activity stomach. Furthermore, allicin reglates operation in the stomach by activating therefore the large intestine cure constipation and diarrhea.

4. Promotion of insulin secretion: Allicin combines with vitamin B1 (thiamine) to activate the function in the pancreas and thus promote insulin secretion. As a result, garlic is effective in the prevention and cure of diabetes is caused by insulin deficiency or malfunction in the pancreas.

5. Normalization of blood flow: Because it stimulates the brain nerves and controls heart function with a constant level, garlic blood pressure level to stabilize. It is also effective in dissolving cholesterol and fatty substances in the bloodstream and therefore refreshing cells with blood from the body.

Today, there may be scientific evidence worldwide to complement the many health improvements that can be based on. Daily use of garlic

* Extensive tests on humans have determined that regular consumption of garlic can:

* reduce total cholesterol (but raise HDL good type)

* produce more cells “natural killer” in the blood that can cope with infections and tumors

* levels lower blood pressure

* Reduce blood clots random (which handles most of strokes and stroke)

* Destroy infections caused by viruses and bacteria

garlic is classified as both an herb and a vegetable. It can be in products ranging from soft serve ice cream to dry rubs; versatility with this herb is seemingly endless

Tips for cooking with garlic :.

1. Before cooking, remove the outer skin on the nail. There are many strategies to do this: hit the bulb while using broad side of a kitchen knife, working with a winding tube rubber garlic, soak the garlic in lukewarm water for thirty minutes or submerge the teeth in boiling water for thirty seconds

2. After peeling garlic, go with a cooking method that will translate into the appropriate flavor. It can be sautéed to develop a nutty flavor, tasty ?; Poached to a mild flavor; roast to get nutty flavor that has a caramelized quality; fried to build a crisp exterior; or grilled to make a smooth, smoky flavor.

3. Garlic can be very sensitive to heat and certainly burns easily, especially when saut? ING. Expose the garlic to heat just before the oil burns and after removal. When cooking with onions garlic, onions start first. longer

benefits of garlic will be taken to cook

:. Cancer Prevention

Indeed, the 1st scientific report to study garlic and cancer was carried out inside the 1950s Scientists injected allicin, garlic lively ingredient in affected mice by cancer. Mice receiving the injection survived more than 6 months, while those who did not receive the injection only survived 8 weeks.

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