Benefits Of Amla and Home Remedies

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Speaking of health benefits, medicinal uses and applications Amla or Indian gooseberry is probably one of the most powerful fruits that Mother Nature gives us account. The importance of Amla has been recorded in Ayurveda, which dates back thousands of years, which is being practiced by modern Ayurveda practitioners also for the treatment of various diseases and disorders. There are several home remedies using Amla in different ways and for different conditions is very good memory, healthy hair, eye sight, health, etc. colony

is full of vitamins, especially vitamin C, which is one of the richest sources of vitamin C-leaving orange source commonly known far behind. Being rich nutritional value especially antioxidants, Amla is good for the hair, skin and digestive health and therefore has been used in several ways to treat different conditions. Amla The term generally refers to the fruit, which is yellowish green, sour and bitter in taste color and surprisingly the taste of Amla fruit is sweet.

How Amla used to treat different conditions

Amla is used in different ways to cure different ailments forms are widely used

Juice Amla

Dried Amla

Amla powder

infused oil

This is why Amla is good for you: Humble Benefits Amla Health

benefits of amla


take a teaspoon of Amla dried with a glass of warm milk every night before bed.

Itchy skin

Take 50 ml of mustard oil (oil should be pure) Add 10 grams of amla powder made from dried fruit Amla.

Mix well and apply directly to the skin. This will relieve all types of itching and irritation caused to the skin.


Take Amla, turmeric and fenugreek in the same amount of mixture and consume a teaspoon with a glass of water. If a patient with diabetes consume this remedy three times a day regularly, he or she will certainly benefit from this home remedy.

To prevent premature graying of hair: powder mix Amla with a paste made by grinding fresh holy basil (Tulsi) leaves, apply this mixture to the root of the hair and scalp, massage gently now for some time . Let it dry and then rinse.

Indian gooseberry cough

Amla powder – 100 g

Mulhathi (mulethi) powder – 100 g

Mix both ingredients and store in airtight container.

take a teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 teaspoon before going to bed.

You can drink water with it if you have trouble swallowing the dust alone.

To improve memory

Amla Murabba is considered a tonic for the brain, improves mental health and is also beneficial to enhance memory.

Coma Amle ka Murabba or murabba-E-Amla as it is called in Unani medicine every day before breakfast, eat 1-2 piece will be enough.

It is suggested to rinse the sugar syrup to remove the excess calories that comes with the syrup.

Amla Powder Eye

The antioxidants present in the Indian gooseberry makes it a reinforcement of overall eye health.

According to

“Antioxidants protect against eye damage things like sunlight, cigarette smoke and air pollution”

Take Amla powder: 300gms

dried ginger powder (Sonth / Saunth): 100 g

Mix both powders and shop.

Take 3 grams of this mixture every morning and evening with water.

This home remedy with Amla is for general eye health.

Amla Hair

Amla makes the hair shiny, is very good for treating dry scalp and itching, prevents premature graying of hair and promotes hair growth, this is why Amla hair oil is one of the hair care products best sellers in history. Amla can be used for hair in various ways, being the best oil in the hair.

For your hair pack Amla Amla powder mixture and hibiscus powder ratio of 2: 1 and make a paste, while the addition of water. Apply this package hibiscus Amla hair on the scalp and hair, let it dry, then rinse. This package of hair can be used once a week to get the expected results.

Amla Dab In Hair


pure mixture of Amla and freshly squeezed lemon juice in equal amounts. Soak a cotton pad and apply this mixture all over the scalp, let it seep into the scalp, rinse when dry completely. This on the PPR is an ideal hair nourishing tonic, Amla helps strengthen the strands and the lemon juice will help in eliminating dandruff scalp. This tonic works very well in fat and normal hair, if you have dry hair and scalp then replace lemon juice with Aloe Vera gel and should work equally well for your lovely locks.

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