Before, During and After an Earthquake

Many people think they have available bottled water is a wise decision. That’s true, provided you have enough. Many are undoubtedly standing in a doorway during the shaking is advisable. That is false, until Adode lives in the unreinforced structure; otherwise, you’re almost certainly going to be hurt by the door swinging wildly on a door or trampled by people seeking to hurry out if you are in a public place.

how to be prepared …?

electricity, water, gas and phone may not work after an earthquake. The police and fire departments are generally tied. You should be able to fend for himself no less than three days, preferably during the week

who need food and water (one gallon per person per day) .; initial aid kit; a fire fireplace well suited for all types of fires; lanterns; a transportable radius; extra batteries, blankets, clothes, shoes and cash from ATMs (possibly not work); medication; wrench hose or make the supply of gas or water, if necessary; baby and commercial dog food; along with an alternative cooking source (barbecue or camp stove). This list can even be applied to other disasters such as floods or forest fires.

is another good idea to choose in advance where and how your family will reunite if separated during an earthquake and also to carry out at home practice exercises. You can opt for a friend outside the family area or the family you can call to test you.

securing water heaters, appliances and tall heavy furniture to prevent falling are prudent measures. So, too, are the storage of flammable or hazardous liquids, heavy and fragile objects on low shelves or perhaps security lockers.

Discuss earthquake insurance using your agent. Depending on your financial circumstances and the valuation of your home, it would be worth.

during an earthquake …….?

If you are indoors, stay there. Get low – and store –a desk or table, or stand against an inner wall. Remain completely free of external walls, glass, heavy furniture, fireplaces and appliances. The kitchen is really a particularly dangerous place. If you are in an office building, keep away from windows and outside walls and never use the elevator.

If you are outside, go into the open. Remain totally free from buildings, power lines or some different that could fall for you.
If you’re driving, move the car out of traffic that will help avoid. Avoid low bridges or overpasses or parking. Trying to break free from trees, lampposts, signs and power lines. To resume driving, be aware of the dangers of the road.

If you are in a mountainous area, avoid the possibility of landslides. Similarly, if being near the sea, they know that tsunamis are related to large earthquakes. Reach high ground.

If you are in crowded public place with people, avoid panic and do not rush to the exit. Keep Calm and cover your head and neck with your hands and arms.

After an earthquake ..?

Check for fire hazards or fire. If you smell gas, turn off the main gas valve. If there is damage to the electrical wiring test, disconnect power to the control box.
If your phone is running, just use in an emergency. Similarly, avoid driving if you can keep the streets clear for emergency vehicles.

Please note that items may fall beyond cupboards or wardrobes if the door opens, and the fireplaces can weaken and fall with a twist. Check for cracks and problems for the roof and the foundation of their property.

Listen to the radio for information and instructions. Remember that aftershocks, sometimes enough to cause damage to themselves, generally follow large earthquakes.

If you allow the home, family leave communication telling your location.

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