Bee Venom Skin Care – Finally A Line Eraser That Works?

revitalize your routine skin care with bee venom …

have you been following the same, tried and true system of skin care for years? It is used to work, from the time you were a teenager all the way through the 30 +. But now, Do you think that now is not working as it should?

The distribution of skin naturally changes as you age. This is caused by a number of factors, the most natural of which is only the loss of elasticity that comes with being on this earth for a good amount of time. There is no shame in aging, but certainly do not have to live with sagging skin, sad that goes with it!

How can you help bee venom?

If you feel that your skin has lost its glitter and does not recognize himself in the mirror, then it should include products bee venom into your daily routine. While bee venom is a bit of a taboo subject for skin care, for the brave who are willing to try find miraculous anti-aging results.

skin diseases


A life cycle that has negative connotations with many women is menopause. This stage of life represents the end of the ‘maid’ of our lives and time travel ‘Crone’. Nobody wants to be an old, much less begin to look like one!

When chemical and hormonal body are changes, estrogen and fall of progesterone rapidly at this time of life and as a result, it makes the skin is dry or itchy, and sinking more extent and speed than ever before. But you do not live like that. Bee venom is the proverbial fountain of youth for menopausal women!

Weight Loss

Losing a copious amount of weight to get healthier and look and feel better, there is much to celebrate. What is not funny is the part of the skin on the body, which often loses its elasticity when the weight is gone, it becomes flabby, wrinkled and weathered.


effects stress has on the skin should not be underestimated. When you are stressed, the skin cells, especially of the face, they begin to decompose.

frowning cause significant wrinkles.

on the approach is also a challenge in the skin because if furrough our eyebrows, the skin becomes accustomed to crumpling there.

Other health benefits:

Asian culture and many governments have investigated the use of bee venom for joint inflammation, fluid buildup in the lungs and multiple sclerosis, even.

Bee venom can reverse the negative impact of all these skin diseases !

Bee Venom – Get the Facts

While in more recent times, the bees are showing as benefactors of the environment, pollinate our flowers and maintain our source, therefore, food being served and appreciated. There are still many who do not feel that way.

When we think of bees which tends to cause feelings of tension, repulsion, worry or fear. This is due to a bee sting is very painful and many of us have long argued childhood fears as a result of some accidental puncture if stepping on a bee floor, swatting at a bee thought it was a fly or being stung by a bee sugar hidden in his soda can.

Many do not want bees near them, much less with bee venom to rejuvenate our skin! Venom naturally brings images of pain, poison.

However, recent studies have shown evidence that the poison inside the stinger of a bee can make you look younger and healthier. This will help increase your self-confidence that will make you more attractive to those around you.

product manufacturers, such as Rodial , have released a new line specifically aimed at tightening the skin, giving a smoother appearance.

Buzzworthy: Science Bee

Bee venom comes equipped with multiple enzymes and peptides of low molecule that is known to increase blood circulation in the deeper parts of the skin.

phospholipase A2 and hyaluronidase accelerates cell growth and metabolism of the skin or the regeneration of the skin and increases collagen and gets rid of old skin cells that give it an aged look.

Maria Hatzistefanis is the founder of Rodial (a company that specializes in products bee venom) and wants to put all its related bee venom to rest fears. She describes bee venom in a positive light, as it increases blood circulation fat cheeks and muscles of the face and body.

Instead of draining the blood from his face as occurs with age, this helps fatten your skin and brings more youth who completed the look.

Bee venom filled in all the wrinkles of the face and the rest of the body that make us look older and worn or exposed and firms up the skin in general.

Investigation of Mary shows that the poison, similar to what he would do if stung in the natural environment of a bee, causes blood to rush to the area and increases elastin and the formation of natural collagen area.

Include bee venom in your beauty regimen

Think about how you will feel when your face is fatter and softer than ever. There is no reason for you to suffer from having a skin prematurely aged appearance. Stress and hormonal changes can take over your life from time to time, but your skin does not have to suffer because of it. It’s time to take the power back.

Bee cure poison:

  • skin Droopy
  • desiccated, cracked skin
  • off or degraded skin
  • fills wrinkles and lines on the face and other body parts

You can even heal cracked and dry skin on your feet!

elastin and collagen

Since elastin is a protein found in the body that keeps skin firm, helps the skin move back into its original shape after being pressed or moved. Bee venom reinforces collagen in body tissue, which creates a consistent relationship between the two compounds. The compound Haloxyl diminishes dark circles, thus making helps a person look wider or bright-eyed and alert.

Rodial has three main products: bee venom

Super Serum bee venom -. revitalizes and brightens the skin by fixing skin tone in general and melts off the clogged lines and wrinkles

venom Hydrating bees – This advanced process extracts the venom of bees and plant stem cells found in pollen collected with bee. hyaluronic acid is used to help the skin elasticity.

venom cream bees Eye – Because bee venom works hand in hand with stem cells harvested plants, used in beauty products allows the skin is noticeably . younger and more bounce

The cyclopeptide -. 5 which is located inside the eye cream smooths wrinkles particularly in the soft tissue around the eye that is most susceptible to sagging lump or as a result of aging

hum security

There are many different allergies in this world, some more serious than others. If you are allergic to bee stings, or have respiratory problems, it is possible that the amounts of the same chemicals that are allergic to it will be omnipresent in these products, so keep that in mind and talk to your doctor before trying to make sure that you do not have a severe allergic reaction.

Actual levels of poison themselves in the products that are low but can have serious consequences for people with low immune systems, sensitive skin or severe allergies.


dermatologist Debra Jaliman not comment on the validity of the poison itself, but not to comment on the importance and benefits of honey on the skin. She mentions in his book Rules skin that honey heals the skin when it is cracked or broken.

Honey helps increase the body’s immune system and get it used to the local pollens that over time increases their tolerance to certain allergens or pollens in your area.

is a natural implication include healing the skin through the properties of bee venom because it all comes from the same source.

Bees are important!

What is best about products bee venom is that no dead bees in the process. When bees, creating hives and honeycombs in a metal device designed by several companies are housed. If bee stings metal, collector built in held in the venom and siphon off into several containers to prevent retained until sufficient to decompose the products.

Savio uses another brand of bee venom and shape of the product is called venz . This product actually comes from hives that are grown in New Zealand and combines research and very new and modern biological technology. This technology allows the possibility of a more powerful form of poison, safe for human use, to be sold and mass produced. Venz also seems to have solved the problem of allergic reactions, at least for the general population.

bee venom extraction philosophies

Because bees are a vital and crucial part of our natural food production and growth, it is important to note that when using products made with poison bee bees need to be handled humanely. What we do not want is to encourage companies to bees when the mass murder without them, we would not have the natural life of the plant at all with which to survive as a species.

Do your research!

Rodial, and many others venz operate efficiently and ‘friendly bee’. They ensure that bee venom is being extracted in an environment of wild type and are not really hurt.

Quality and not quantity

Keep the quality of bee venom in mind. Some companies might dilute the product, but charge high fees. Always check the ingredients to find out the amount of poison that is actually being used or if the product is full of fillers alone.

Stay Safe

consider companies that focus on safety – Some companies want to use the maximum amount of venom possible, what may be good, but because it is something as well as a new science, there can be too much of a good thing. Bee venom as a whole, in its raw form is not intended to cure or help. You have to distill it to safe levels.


When bee venom is used it is important to understand the life of the bee. When a person bites bees or something, that actually has to die because the sting is part of what keeps it alive and starts at that time. To maintain bee having to die, it is essential to have some kind of sheet glass having a very low electric charge focused on it. When a bee comes close to it, the electric current that triggers the mechanism of threat and some poison out and collected because it sticks to the glass. Undoubtedly, it is a delicate process, but it is very admirable and important to the survival of these important insects!

Holland and Barrett

Holland and Barrett, who helped establish a more profitable standard products bee venom by selling smaller at higher dose quantities and focuses on repair of skin cells throughout the body. Provided Manuka honey and royal jelly, rosehip and Propolis coconut with bee venom in them in order to increase the variety of scents and product benefits.

The sky line includes skin care mask poison that has been used by the stars (like Gwyneth Paltrow) and are very profitable.

bee venom keeps their sagging skin since you get down

It’s okay to be a little cautious when it comes to putting voluntarily something in his face that might have been afraid in childhood .

The key to collect bee venom product is right for you to do your research and also to talk with your doctor to make sure there is a condition of sensitive skin that could be stirred by the product .

If you are in the free and clear, you can experience the magic of this product for skin care and scientifically proven revolutionary.

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