Bee Free Honee – Honey-Like Sweetener Made With Apples?

Bee Free Honee is a company that has managed to create a honey-like sweetener with apples, rather than harvest of bees. The company has a significant presence in the preservation of life and welfare of bees worldwide.

What is the free bee Honee?

Preserving the environment should be at the top of the list of every human priorities. The world is slowly deteriorating over greed and the need for consumers to have whatever they want, without regard for wildlife and insects that keep nature in balance in the first place. One of the largest groups of insects that are at risk are the bees.

With the latest trends in organic food, many consumers are switching to honey to replace refined sugar, increased demands of the food industry for this ingredient. However, you can get the same taste and quality by switching to Bee Free Honee instead.

Bee Free Honee is a liquid sweetener that is completely “free of the hive”, deriving all the sweetness of apples instead. This formula is completely sustainable, plant-based, which means that you can allow bees to pollinate plants and flowers continue to need this kind of attention.

Bee Free Honee was created by Katie and Melissa Sanchez Olmos. When Katie was younger, his father was a beekeeper, who helped Katie to learn about the importance of bees in the environment. Honee creation was a complete accident, after she tried to make a less sweet version of apple jelly, although it had never been done before jelly.

She canned and soon realized the similarities that had to honey in taste and texture. Melissa joined with Katie after testing the product at a food fair that they both attended. Soon, Honee sold at many retail chains like Whole Foods and Sprouts.

Saving bees

Although this product was created as an alternative for many different consumer groups, the ultimate goal is to save bees in the environment. Manufacturers believe that, if you are just looking for the taste or texture of honey, you should be able to do without posing a threat to the environment.

Bees are an essential part of the environment. They are the best pollinators in the world, helping to stimulate the growth of many different plants that are needed and are crucial for the survival of earth.

Bee Free Honee regularly send donations to many different organizations, which aim to prolong the survival of bees in our environment. Some of the organizations of luck are:

  • The University of bee and pollinator Research Laboratory Minnesota
  • The University of bee Innovation Fund Spivak Minnesota
  • Humane Society of the United States
  • Los Angeles Humane Society
  • teenager with a dream
  • Animal Place, CA
  • the farm Sanctuary

their involvement and commitment to these charities is how the free bee contributes its own benefits, but their purchases are key to accumulate enough income to send these charities. By supporting the company, also advocates the preservation of bees in the coming years.

Each year more than 400 million pounds of honey are harvested, which means that bees that create this honey are in significant danger. When shopping Free bee and boycotting the non-medicinal use of honey, it can help increase the bee population and improve the environment.

Why use the free bee Honee?

There are many benefits you will discover when free bee Honee used. You may think that there is nothing that can replace honey, and you’re right. This company aims to provide an alternative to collecting bees, which need to be preserved to maintain balance in the environment.

This product is a great resource for people who are allergic to raw honey, for vegetarians who can not consume animal products, or for food enthusiasts who just want to try something new. Since it is not really done in the same way that bees make honey, your child may be at an early age, rather than run the risk of botulism.

You can use free bee Honee in all the same ways that you use the regular, such as honey:

  • In her tea and other drinks that need sweeteners
  • In homemade recipes for barbecue sauce, vinaigrettes, or baked goods
  • As a glaze for meats or vegetables

the composition and the formula for Honee allows you to use the same Regular way honey are used. With this versatility, you may be wondering why the company not only call “honey.”

Bee Free Honee wanted to ensure that consumers understand that this food product is not made of real honey, or harvested in the same way that honey is. Honee whole is made of blocks, allowing bees to keep their environments without interruption.

bee Shopping Free Honee

At this time, the company focuses on creating a high quality alternative to honey, with a texture and flavor so narrow that you should not be able to tell the difference. The company offers multiple packaged for purchasing the Honee, with special prices listed as a tribute to their exposure in the shark tank.

You can choose between:

  • 2-Pack: $ 10.80 (regular price: $ 12.00)
  • 4-Pack: $ 21.60 (normal price : $ 24.00)
  • Sampler 4-Pack: $ 21.60 (regularly $ 24.00)
  • 6-Pack: $ 32.40 (regularly $ 36.00)

contact free bee Honee

Although the company has a wealth of information on their website, you may have more questions about the formula used or sending your product. To speak with a representative, your only option for communication is email. You can send your email directly to [email protected], or you can fill out the form on the website with your contact information and your question.


Bee Free Honee is a great solution to a number of different issues, but the main objective is the preservation of bees and their habitats. With the world in a great state of chaos for example, make the switch to another sweetener is the best choice for any consumer. With the ability to work in the same way as honey recipes are baked and cold dishes, you can still get the great flavor you like. Prices are low, profits are high, and the taste is sweet with indulgence, which is a great way to keep consumers and mother nature in a happy state of mind.

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