Beauty and the Bees Real Beer Tasmanian Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

by Carol H.

I am 60 years old and have had problems scalp and outside all my adult life. My hair is shoulder-length and thin. My scalp is oily, itchy, scaly, and is easily irritated by any hair product with perfumes or sulfates. Often I get sensitive spots and bumps that feel like sores. I think I have tried every shampoo unscented and sulfate-free shampoo on the market and have formed with at least one bothers my scalp. So I was excited to be selected to test and review Tasmania Real Beer Shampoo Bar ($ 12.95) and Actual Tasmania Conditioner Beer Bar ($ 19.95)!

I did my own research on these products when they asked me to try and decided to say yes. The reviews seemed promising and so did the ingredients. The bar has some shampoo ingredients: Beer Tasmanian spring water Mount Wellington, coconut, olive and castor Tasmanian Hops, beeswax and honey Leatherwood, essential oils. The company claims that the shampoo is 100% free of chemicals, using only the best cold pressed oils, organic vegetable Australian of nuts and nut butters and waxes that are much like our own natural oils, pure essential oils used, totally free hard synthetic detergents that irritate the skin and pollute our waterways, and no animal testing. It is safe for everyday use on all hair types, including chemically treated hair, silicone free. Great for travel. I felt very good about the use of this product

Using a bar soap in my hair and scalp is very different maybe even uncomfortable because my hair is longer, I think it would be easier to short hair. Lathered shampoo bar large with a wonderful aroma of spicy ginger. I usually prefer no smell but this was really nice. A little rushed in the eye and stings like crazy. Really you do not want to get any foam on the eyes! My hair was very clean after a foam, a squeaky clean that I was not used to feel with a liquid shampoo, I would have to say that the texture of my wet hair felt more like I had used soap.

then bar conditioner is used also contains some major ingredients: rapeseed, coconut, grape seed, macadamia oil, rice bran, mango butter, beeswax, honey, beer, panthenol B5. It made my hair feel softer. Great smell like shampoo, long-lasting solid bar so easy for travel. He rubs a little on your hands and apply on hair when needed.

The instructions recommended an apple cider vinegar rinse the first few times to remove hair product buildup, a tablespoon to a gallon of water and pour it over his head as a final rinse . so I followed the instructions and I felt my hair soft and wonderful after this. I did this for 3 days in a row and scalp was completely free from itching and flaking, I felt incredible! I even found that instead of daily washing could go two days between washing.

Unfortunately, when I stopped the apple vinegar rinse my long hair felt very dry after shampooing and conditioning, so they started using a little extra conditioner. When hair is dry, it felt waxy and stiff. I went to their website to see if he could shed some light on this issue and read the instructions for use only at the ends if you have fine hair. I did, but then my hair was too dry and tangled. I also read that the natural shampoo can be difficult to rinse with hard water and the solution for this is to ensure that you use apple cider vinegar as a final rinse each time. I can only imagine that I feel dryness is due to my hard water and the fact that no soap shampoo rinse well out of my long hair, leaving what feels like a film or soap scum. It would be to compare the way my hair feels after shampooing to how your skin feels after washing with soap laundering with a soft, squeaky clean and dry stripped and facial liquid soap. I see on the website that offer rinse with apple cider vinegar for sale and recommend use if you have hard water. I would try the shampoo with softer water, but this has not been possible during my trial.

I love shampoo ingredients and care of the environment, the smell, and my itchy scalp dandruff free free! I think my hair feels much softer and my hair’s body better able to use my regular shampoo, but my scalp is healthier with shampoo bar. The bar shampoo leaves hair feeling too dry, even tangled, bar and air can leave waxy and stiff unless use only at the ends. What works well for me is the shampoo bar, I conditioning bar ends only, and rinse stroke.

My husband also spent a month using this bar every day. He has no problem on the scalp and hair is short and fine. He found it worked very well, good smell, he did not notice any difference in the feel of her hair after use (against dryness that experiment but often a bar of soap in my hair is used!) And used it also as a body bar. The convenience of a bar of shampoo and bath in the shower was important to him, we travel a lot and this is so great for travel. He also used the bar conditioning and did not notice a waxy feel any.

I have plans to travel to Europe this week and will be gone three semanas.Este is a very long-lasting bar of shampoo. The shape of the bar is very long and become the concave half with use, I would like to see the same weight bar but shorter and thicker. This bar will continue easily last a month or two with both my husband and I use it.

I will use with reverse osmosis water (water cruise) and send an update of the results!

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