Beautiful Pictures Of Petunia Flowers

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Petunia is a beautiful flower makes a bedding flowers perfect color for your garden. It can be grown as an annual and does not require much attention and care of the body. Planted in small pots or in your garden that will only add to the beauty of the space around it. These attractive images of petunia flowers are so magnetic and pleasing to the eye. Petunias in life are a delight to watch as they grow full and plenty make the best choice for garden art and garden quilt.

Information Flower petunia

Gender: Petunias

Family: Solanaceae

petunia in Hindi: Petunias


red, purple, pink, Black, Violet, White

Requires Sun


Petunia can be grown from seed and transplant. Where there is sun there Petunia. This plant is tolerant to heat so they do not require a lot of watering in the heat of the scorching Indian summer these plants manage to survive with daily watering only once.

They are easy to maintain and look nice, so no reason not to plant a petunia in the garden of his house. These flowers bloom in the garden terrace of my mother.

Photos Petunia Flowers My mom Terrace

White Petunia Flores

petunia flower white

white petunia with splashes of magenta

magenta and white petunia Flores

petunia flower magenta

near the flower white and magenta petunia

pictures of petunia flower

purple Petunia Flores

Purple Petunia Flowers picture

purple petunia flowers with white stripes taken in garden

Pink Petunia

image of petunia flower

hope you have enjoyed the beauty of these splendid flowers of petunia directly from the garden of my mother.

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