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The world of cosmetics and beauty products is difficult to navigate, especially when there are so many expensive but low quality products in the market. Another issue is that to receive the full benefit of a cosmetic product or skin care, which must be specific to your skin type. Finding the right product is not only difficult but almost impossible.

That is, until you are familiar with one of the latest beauty brands on the market: Beauticontrol . With a range of unique and custom products, you can achieve the cosmetics and skin care that allow you to see excellent results.

What is Beauticontrol?

Beauticontrol is one of the latest brands appear on the market cosmetics and beauty. Internationally recognized and known worldwide for its high quality and advanced cosmetics, the brand offers a variety of products tailored for women can achieve optimal results.

The goal of the brand is not only to provide tailor-made products that are suitable for your skin type, but also to “bring the spa experience at home.” In essence, with spa-products and high quality standards, you can get the most out of your products skin care without having to pay an exorbitant cost either.

The brand has been in business for 30 years, but only recently rocketed to popularity as more men and women are looking for products that are related to your skin type. Over the years, the brand has also been able to build a solid reputation through its standards of innovative and comprehensive investigation. All products are created in the BeautiControl Research Institute (LBBB).

The Institute hires the best scientists in the field who are at the forefront of their area of ​​cosmetic skin care. Once a product is approved and tested at the facility, which is sent to the manufacturing facilities of the company located in Carrollton, Texas. By creating products in the United States, you can be sure that they are meeting the standards. In addition, products are also sent to you faster and more efficiently.

The BC Skin Spa

to help you achieve smoother, younger and radiant skin, branding implements what is known as the Skin Spa BC. The Skin Spa is a system that you can use custom analysis before making a purchase.

By accessing the spa skin, you will be asked a series of questions that help you identify the condition of your skin. For example, you will be asked about your complexion, your skin type, if there are visible lines, levels of elasticity and sensitivity of your skin is.

After providing answers, the software then recommend you a skin regimen that is geared towards your exact skin type. You will receive suggestions for a cleansing lotion, polishing scrub, regenerating tonic, a cream of defense for the protection of every day, night cream for hydration, and an eye cream to restrict.

While this may seem like many products, the five different options allow you to take care of all the components of your skin. In addition, you can avoid problems that typically arise with “all-in-one” product types, which is the product as a whole is not as effective as individual products. With these five products, you can implement a spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home.

The best

While the system will certainly recommend options for skin care, can also choose which you think works best. After all, you know exactly what you are looking for when browsing through the selection of the brand. To make easier though process, here are some of the best sellers so you can get an idea of ​​what is known to work better:

Skinlogics Lip Apeel

The Apeel lip is a product designed for people who have dry lips and especially are looking for moisturizing and soothing complex. This product contains ingredients like orange peel, which is known to provide the skin with optimum moisture. Just use this product three times a week. When used, not only will remove dry skin, but can also achieve additional flexibility exfoliating properties.

BC Spa Manicure instant manicure

BeautiControl products go far beyond cosmetics and skin care. You can also take advantage of popular manicure system developed by the company. This instant manicure Dead Sea salt contains powerful for extra exfoliation. The sale also includes natural oils that protects and moisturizes the skin for an exquisite softness. Other ingredients include avocado oil, safflower oil, vitamin E and tea tree oil. Each of these ingredients works to smooth and soften the hand, while also clearing any impurities.

BC Spa for soft baby hair and Body Wash

Your baby the best and most gentle products for your skin deserves. This special body and hair washing, nourishes the skin of your baby with an easy free rinse formula and tear. The formula has been enhanced with vitamins A, E, and B5. In addition to these vitamins, also it includes lavender and chamomile extract e.

BC Spa Manicure Extreme Repair Hand Cream

Climate, age and other factors can devastate the elasticity and smoothness of the skin on your hands. Fortunately, this powerful formula is perfect for skin that is susceptible to damage. The product works to moisturize and protect the skin by increasing hydration levels and exfoliation of dead and dry skin that covers the surface. product ingredients include alpha hydroxy acids, glycerin, and Allantonin.

Prices and ordering

products are reasonably priced compared to other skin care products and cosmetics. To purchase a product, just visit the manufacturer’s website. When ordering, the product will be sent home quickly.

One of the main advantages of ordering from this brand is that also receives a 30 day money back guarantee starting from the date or purchase. When returning a product, you must notify the company why it back and if you are interested in simply change the product or receive a refund.


In general, it is difficult to come by a brand that really personalize their products and regime skin care for your skin type. It is safe to say that BeautiControl is truly one of a kind. With the variety of options available and the products that are made with high quality ingredients, you can be sure you are getting the best of a skin care and cosmetics brand.

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