Beat Box Beverage Review – A Retro Boom Box Shaped Party Drink

Everyone can appreciate a good wine, but not something that comes immediately to mind when you think to go to a noisy party or your friend 21. The sophistication of wine can be overlooked in favor of whiskey and beer. Not that we do not appreciate the wine-based drinks, which is just a little out of place in the chaos of modern party scene.

What if you could have the best of both worlds? This is where Beat Box Beverages comes and shines, delivering a delicious wine-based drink that tastes like vodka, in a variety of fun and expressive flavors.

Before you go out and try it, consider the following to get the most out of your next experience continual feast.

What drinks Beat Box?

The drink is described by the team Beat Box as. “Party mulled wine in box ‘The drink is wine-based, so you can enjoy the rich texture, but it tastes like vodka, which is able to experiment with different flavors and pick and choose depending on your mood. the drinks are also good value, reaching 11.1% alcohol by volume, which makes for a party drink, but powerful accountable. it is also a healthy choice only 120 calories with 7 grams of sugar per serving.

Inspired by the love of music, packaging drinks Beat box comes in a box of funky retro style reminiscent of the “stereos” of the eighties. One of these boxes will take you away into the night, with each box containing the equivalent of seven bottles of wine or forty beers. These drinks are great to drink alone or may be used in a mixer, or even frozen as a delicious ‘Beatboxicle’. The box contains an easy to use bag inside and its rectangular shape makes it easy to store or discard.

What are the Beat Box drinks Sabores?

Now let’s talk about the fun stuff: the flavors! Beat Box team drinks have been more than generous with your choice of flavors to choose from and experiment with. There will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Blue Razzberry- is your signature and logo of flavor, so it is a good starting point for our opinion. This is his first and original drink that started it all, this election comes in a box of blue ice that looks just awesome!

Fruit Punch it contains a wide range of acidic fruits you traditionally see in a fruit punch such as pineapple, cherries, mangoes and more. a great choice for people who like everything is tropical.

grape flavor flavor- this is refreshing and cool. Beat Box drinks have outdone themselves with the latest addition to the family of flavor.

blueberry Limeade- Here we have a marriage that offers the best of both worlds with a cake and a sweet taste. This drink is also great to be mixed with champagne or lemonade.

Lemon-Lime finally drinks Beat Box brings the crowd favorite with your choice of lemon and lime. Lemon-lime is a classic and does not need much explanation, except that it is as if you are drinking summer!

Beat Box Fun Drink Recipes

you do not have to drink these drinks straight from the box; there are so many interesting and fun recipes that you can try if you feel adventurous enough. Beat Box drinks have given you some ideas to get you started. They are ideal for beginners and experienced alike beverage manufacturers, not much for them!

These are just a few recipes, but there are certainly more if you know where to look for them online.

Lemonade- electric Beatbox is the first, a wonderful combination of blue Razzberry Beat Box, a splash of lemon juice and lemon vodka.

blueberry Limeade- is rapidly gaining popularity because it only requires some champagne to be found cheaply on the shelf at any liquor store.

The conclusion is that the drinks beverage drum machine are very versatile so you can have fun experimenting with different flavors and recipes and maybe get your own.

How Beat Box drinks compared to other popular drinks?

drinks Beat Box brings a unique formula for the beverage market that is difficult to compete with. It is a drink made of wine, however, it is still fresh and fashionable. Compared with other beverages such as beer, usually a flavor, which is barely noticeable to most people is only obtained when comparing one brand to another. With Beatbox drinks, five flavors is obtained, totally unique to choose from. You can also experiment with exotic recipes by combining drinks brands.

value is also an important factor for any drinker, with one of these boxes beverage drum machine with the equivalent of 34 beers, this comparison is a no-brainer. Not to mention the realities of cleaning up after the party is over. No more picking up hundreds of empty bottles and half-empty scattered around your backyard. the whole game starts and ends in this case, only recycled once finished, the cleaning has never been so easy!

Where you can buy drinks Beat Box?

You can buy drinks online or in stores across the US .. A complete list of websites and shops that store this product can be found here:

The baseline

Beat Box Beverage certainly gives you something to keep in mind when planning your next event or party. The combination of a wine-based drink, in a variety of flavors tasting makes it difficult for other competing brands.

Drinks are suitable for almost any situation, with a flavor to satisfy even the most discerning drinkers. The packaging is convenient and compact, which saves time when the last thing you want to do is clean up after a messy game. The drinks are fun, interesting and have the ability to mix and match other brands that makes unmatched adaptability.

If you want to try something new and change up your next party, drinks Beat Box is definitely a brand to consider. They will take care of your needs for a delicious drink no matter the occasion.

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