Bayer and Monsanto Merge to Create Corporate Chemical Super Power

This distribution $ 66 billion has the potential to reshape the way the seeds and pesticides are developed in order to feed the world’s food supply. In May, Bayer first made an offer of $ 62 billion and that the months have passed, the supply increased during negotiations
A little history Business Insider :.

“… Bayer, the German pharmaceutical company venerable, made his first fortune in the late 1890s when both aspirin and heroin marketed as remedies for cough pain, cold and. Many people have seen the images sepia medicine bottles brand vintage Bayer “heroin”. But it is less known that Bayer promoted heroin for use in children suffer from coughs, colds and “irritation” at the end of 1912, … “

“The company Bayer aspirin, finally, has apologized for the inhumane acts of its parent company including the use of Jewish slave laborers during the Holocaust.” I have sadness and regret and apologies by the lack of humanity in my country so, G. Farben did to his people, “Helge Wehmeier, head of Bayer Corp., said Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel at a conference last week. the parent company of Bayer Bayer AG, was part of the German chemical conglomerate. I, G. Farben, which uses Jewish slaves in their factories during the Holocaust including one in which Wiesel worked as a teenager. G. Farben I also had a significant investment in a company that manufactured Zyklon B gas, which was used to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews at Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, where the mother and sister died Wiesel … “

Bayer researchers were subsequently to develop pharmaceuticals such as aspirin, Alka-Seltzer, and many other drugs and chemicals.

The new agreement will allow the major chemical business to direct their attention to the business of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and other compounds that can kill insects.

Bernie Sanders Sen. recently called the agreement “a threat to all Americans.”

The convergence of these two large corporations could mean something very bad for consumers because it gets rid of competition and reduces the incentives and the ability to innovate, thus increasing prices.

The German company aims to create a shop single stage for seeds, agrochemicals and computer-assisted services to farmers. US chemicals giant Dow Chemical Co. and DuPont plan to merge and spin off its operations seeds and crop chemicals in a major agribusiness.

If all these offers closely, just three companies control almost 70% of world pesticide market and 80% of seed corn market and US ..

Canadian fertilizer producers Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc. and Agrium Inc. said Monday that agree to merge as well. This sparks questions of whether regulators sign held by potential price of the new company.

The Monsanto agreement Bayer will face intense and prolonged regulatory process in the United States, the European Union and elsewhere. There is a broad process that has to occur before the entire operation is performed. Companies will have to submit in about 30 jurisdictions.

This convergence poses many problems, not only farmers, but all consumers. Two giant chemical companies that meet in the name of agriculture and food has its obvious drawbacks and fight for organic food without chemicals is now more important than ever. Only time will tell what’s coming to this merger.

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