Basics of Making Homemade Face Scrub

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Tired and disappointed with the effects on efficiency, overpricing, toxic load and secondary facial scrubs trade more and more people are now finding their new alternatives that breaks all cons washing formulated face commercially. The present age is witnessing return to approach the roots of people, which is very evident in the world of beauty products also, and this is what gives me a good reason and a strong stimulus to write this post, where in I will discuss the basics of facial make homemade exfoliating scrubs available in the kitchen.

scrub the face, whether natural, herbal or cosmetic is used to exfoliate the skin using a technique called washing, ie the exfoliating gently massaging the skin. This approach is intended to prevent dead cells from the surface of the skin and unclog pores, allowing the skin to breathe. Weeds not only removes dead skin cells, but also helps the food (present in the scrub itself for example. Vitamin E oil) seep into the skin through the pores.

In seeking to make your own exfoliating face at home, you will use the ingredients present in surprising its unique cuisine, all ingredients used in homemade facial scrubs are purely natural and do not have to make any extra effort in acquiring them. And I assure you that natural exfoliants, face although packages for that matter no less in terms of effectiveness, giving it a natural spa experience and a pleasant scent that is your best choice.

making homemade face scrubs

Why do facial scrubs homemade

when I have a lot of they readily available

the biggest plus that makes exfoliants home a winner is that it is natural, contains no synthetic ingredients and natural chemicals that impose danger to the skin and even expose their skin to toxins after each use. Speaking of efficiency, if home exfoliants are excellent work surprisingly rough skin, leaving it clean and smooth, free and well exfoliated dead cells.

Believing! How do now?

The process of making a natural exfoliant, begins with the choice of ingredients, ingredients usually depends on factors such as the purpose of weeds, availability of ingredients and their personal choice (considering allergies as well) and even your skin type. Once you have all the ingredients that other tools like mixing bowl, spatula or spoon and a jar to store the batch is required. Now that is fully armed all are preparing to get their hands dirty.

The basic formula for making home made facial scrub

1 part Exfoliating


1/2 of the carrier liquid


Add to Ins jazz up

the scrub sloughs away dead cells and clear pores by removing dirt and oil clogged aid in prevention breakouts.

Some natural exfoliants Ideal for scrubs DIY Son

  • Sugar : This is one of the most common exfoliating used in recipes scrub DIY , another is salt. Using pure cane sugar to make your bushes.
  • Sal: seconds sugar salt, sea salt is gaining popularity both in the kitchen and in the products of skin care, which are used in a variety of bath salts, scrubs and exfoliants. They help to retain moisture and provide softness to the skin. Much care must be taken when choosing sea salt for use in an exfoliant. Salt crystals must have smooth edges, and sharp edges can scratch the skin, smooth crystals will gently slough off the dead cells without harming the skin. If used with hardness, sea salt can cause stinging.
  • Coffee : Coffee can help you in your battle against cellulite, but also helps reduce water retention. A simple coffee and honey exfoliant can help fade stretch marks. Coffee is believe to reduce the appearance of cellulite by making it one of the most popular ingredients to make face and body scrubs and even some spa treatments.
  • Avena : Oatmeal is probably the most gentle exfoliating and therefore perfect for sensitive skin IR. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help treat the symptoms of aging.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate : This ingredient wonder has numerous benefits for the skin, is an excellent cleaner, which makes a perfect natural deodorant, you can use a anti-fungal foot soak to get rid of foot odor and is used as a scrub too. It is very good for the fight against excess fat from the skin, it will maintain the pH level of the skin and absorb excess oil.

Liquids (Carriers)

  • Honey : This ingredient is widely known as an alternative sweetener, but you’d be surprised to know the benefits honey skin and hair. Is a natural antibacterial ingredients in this way can help in preventing outbreaks, honey is full of antioxidants which promotes cell renewal and slows skin aging.
  • carriers oils: There is a wide variety of oils to choose from, depending on your personal choice. Some oils commonly used to make the face scrubs are sweet almond oil, sesame oil and olive oil.
  • Milk : We all know that milk has the ability to clean the skin (as we have been using cleansing milk always), but very few know that the this lactic acid in milk can easily remove dead skin cells. It is a perfect solution for n dry dull skin back to life. Exfoliants made from milk shall be made in for immediate use, since it can not store these thickets

The Fortification Add Ins

Essential oils : The essential oils are highly concentrated, aromatic essences of trees, shrubs, grasses, herbs, resins and flowers. Some essential oils are popular lavender, rose, tea tree, vanilla and the list goes on.

Cacao :. You can add the melted chocolate or cocoa powder to jazz up your scrub

Citrus juice and zest

Citrus fruits are rich source of vitamin C, you can add a drops of lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit juice or grated peel (skin).

Fruit pulp

to give a touch of freshness fruity your exfoliating face yourself, add the pulp of tropical seasonal fruits such as mango, papaya, guava, kiwi, etc, etc, etc

How to make facial scrub home

One who has chosen combination of ingredients that just needs mix the ingredients in a bowl and transfer it to the jar to sit on the shelf until you use it. Some points to consider when putting up a washing home side are

  • Always use the right amount to achieve the right consistency, and we do not want our scrub is too liquid nor should it be too thick as it makes it difficult to spot and scrub on the face
  • Choose the right one for your type of okayyy know it sounds like a spin off of Eat right for your type, sorry about that, but this is the rule , you must know your skin type and choose the ingredients accordingly
  • avoid anything that can cause allergy
  • Use clean containers to store the brush as dirt and germs can cause weeds go rancid soon
  • If you are living in countries where the climate is generally hot, consider storing the weed in a refrigerator.

Using Facial Scrub Homemade

cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser to remove dirt from the top layer of the skin

Take a small amount your fingers scrub and smear a segment of the face for example. chin or forehead

The work always up in the weeds – outer circular motion

very soft during deletion, no pressure and dead cells are applied will be removed by the granules and not by force

Use the scrub no more than twice a week

observe the effect of washing your face, if you feel your skin is not happy with down the regime

ideas homemade scrub

Lemon Sugar honey scrub

coffee scrub vanilla

Flour oatmeal walnut olive oil scrub

sea salt scrub + Lavender

milk sugar and honey scrub

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