bareMinerals – Quality Mineral Makeup Skincare Foundation?

bareMinerals is a company that produces mineral bases and remedies effective skin care to give consumers a flawless complexion. This is our opinion.

What is bareMinerals?

Finding the right foundation can be a daunting task. Even if you know the color you usually get, which can vary from company to company and type of foundation with the type of foundation. a foundation that can give you the full coverage you need with the right color is needed. However, with products available through bareMinerals, both can match your skin tone and get a lot of coverage for those spots.

bareMinerals it is a company that mainly manufactures foundations, but also helps to care for your complexion. Their formulas are like no other company before them, making them innovative and balanced. The company has been in business for over 35 years.

The company offers a program to help professionals learn to apply the products to consumers, giving participants a 30% in the different products. To enroll in the program, and must be a professional makeup artist or cosmetologist license.

bareMinerals products

bareMinerals focuses on two things in your daily routine – makeup and skin care. Basically, your goal is to give you a complexion that is perfect to let your true beauty shine through. The company has many different products to help achieve this look, so let’s go over some of their best sellers.


Remedy spot ™

The bareMinerals foundations are undoubtedly the most popular product with the entire line. You have 12 different colors to choose from, which makes it easy to match your skin color. Although the base is virtually weightless, you still get full media coverage to correct any redness or blemishes.

This formula contains Aspen bark and tea tree oil, which help to give your skin complexion perfect that you dream about. It has been dermatologically tested and does not create a dry effect on your skin. In addition to the ability to act as a basis of full coverage, this product $ 28 also helps reduce the amount of excess fat in the face.

Cutis Rescue ™ Tinted Moisture Gel Cream

This cream is a tinted moisturizer, which means that moisturizes the skin, as it unifies the complexion. Most women report having twice the amount of moisture in the skin after using this product for one week. This hydration comes from a variety of different ingredients, including squalene derivatives olive, marine, humectants trehalose, glycerin botanicals, and coconut-derived ingredients.

$ 29.50 This cream softens the skin and provides electrolytes to help restore the shine with energy. This formula is hypoallergenic.

bareSkin® Pure Brightening Serum Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20

This unique formula is a shine serum and base all in one. With a thin fluid, which are able to get seamless coverage that illuminates the skin at the same time. This formula includes ingredients very little, making it look and feel like you are not wearing any makeup at all.

Due to the high quality formula, the foundation $ 29.50 also helps improve skin texture and dark spots or discoloration. One or two drops is all you need for minimal but effective coverage.

ORIGINAL Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Foundation

This foundation is the original mineral base, which was created before all the other companies began producing their own. The light powder gives you a look and feel like you are not wearing any foundation at all, which says a lot about the amount of coverage you have. With this powder, you are able to get a clearer and healthier skin because it will not add oil to the cream and liquid foundations created.

$ 28.50 The foundation typically bought with the brush face flawless application, which helps you get a uniform layer of the base at all times. You can browse through the different shades to match your skin tone with existing facility.

Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15

The MATT Foundation has more coverage than most other products on the bareMinerals website. This foundation helps give free up to 8 hours of coverage, while absorbing excess oil on your face.

This foundation is also paired with face brush to give the best possible coverage. The matte finish is not as natural as the other formulas, but blocks spots and redness come across up to eight hours.

bareMinerals Contact

With so many different products bareMinerals, it is understandable that you have questions about the formula or your order. If you want to specifically find more information about your order, email [email protected] Questions about other topics should be sent to [email protected]

To speak to a live person, you can talk to them every day of the week except Sunday. The phone number of customer service is (888) 795-4747.0


bareMinerals is a company that focuses on helping women to achieve their healthier complexion, while that balance out with cosmetics. With fair prices, this product line dedicated to helping you feel comfortable with the skin found.

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