Balm For Better Brain Circulation: It Treats Blood Vessels Of The Brain And Acts As A Cure After A Stroke

A For the treatment of atherosclerosis blood vessels in the brain, it is necessary to have three bottles of healing balm that we present.

in a flask of 3 liters you need to put

  • pint of good quality vodka
  • 25 grams of cloves,
  • Add half kilo of brown sugar and three large lemons, finely ground or cut into a blender along with its shell.

Pour hot water to fill the whole bottle water. Close the jar tightly and leave for two weeks in a dark place.

After two weeks you need to filter the contents of the bottle.


Drink 25 ml Balm tid, 15 minutes before a meal. It will continue to do so until the entire amount is drunk. Take a break for a week and then drink the remedy of another pitcher. On another one-week break, and after that you can drink and balsam of the third pitcher.

This folk remedy has great effects when it comes to eliminate dizziness. Also it contributes to improving eyesight, reduced tinnitus and improves brain function in general.

also has the ability to treat blood vessels in the brain and improves overall health after experiencing a stroke.


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