was a woman who had skin cancer basal cell carcinoma in the crown of the head and cured with the help of her daughter, who he insisted that try applying baking soda paste on the affected area.

The mother was skeptical at first, but her daughter Azizo, which is an admired and supporter of natural resources writer, convinced her after she had read many studies about people who have successfully treated cancer skin with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate.


She has undergone three surgeries and after each, cancer become even more aggressive than before.

After that, the mother decided to use the benefits of Mother Nature, and began applying a mixture of sodium bicarbonate organic coconut oil unprocessed.

She was aware that coconut oil has regenerative and healing powers when she started using the paste. It also found that coconut oil is a perfect partner baking soda. Do not rub or massage the pasta, she simply applied over the area.
Azizo pharmaceutical uses only one element, Polysporin Triple 3 Antibiotics (applied at night). You can use other antibiotics also to protect the area of ​​bacterial infections. A cotton ball soaked in colloidal silver works fine too.

Once the wound heals should stop using antibiotics. Azizo continued to apply the paste with a cotton ball soaked in vinegar and recorded the place. Thus, sodium bicarbonate penetrates beneath the surface of the skin, basal cell carcinoma roots. You can also use DMSO for this purpose, it works even better.

After 38 days of using the paste, the mother of Azizo was completely cured of skin cancer and the wound healed perfectly.

common baking soda is used, not a fancy and expensive. Baking powder containing aluminum, except when the package says “aluminum free”.

tumors can only grow in acid and sodium bicarbonate gives alkaline environment.

Dramatic Life And Death Story

Vernon Johnston was a veteran who had prostate cancer stage 3. He and his wife recently divorced and do not have much money. His cancer had spread to her hip and soon became the stage 4 cancer. It would be examined on therapy within a few weeks, when one of her children suggested some ingredients that help alkalize the cells faster.

He wanted to try cesium, but the order never came. sodium bicarbonate and molasses of is used. Trojan horse opens sugar cancer cells so that the influence of alkaline sodium bicarbonate into the interior and kills cancer cells.

After two weeks of this treatment, the bone scan showed that the cancer is not spreading. The PSA decreased from 22 to 5 and finally to 1 with this remedy and pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Vernon also received a lot of sunlight, made sure that no breathing exercises for more oxygen supply to the affected area and started eating healthy food herbal area.

wrote a book “Dance Vernon Cancer” during the five years after treatment using sodium bicarbonate for the first time. He also lectures and five years later he is healthy and cancer free.

“producer” is going after the word “alkaline”. There alkaline substances that produce alkalinity in the body and there acidic foods as limes and lemons which become alkaline in the body. What we’re trying to say is I do not think alkalized water in turn, the level of pH from acid to alkaline. Sodium bicarbonate, however, is alkaline and gives alkalinity.

Dr. Mark Sircus wrote a book about the use of baking soda to cure cancer and other diseases, called sodium bicarbonate.

A former Italian physician, Dr. Simoncini, injects a solution of sodium bicarbonate in the blood vessels that feed tumors and says that baking soda is the most effective and safe anti-fungal there. It is said that cancer develops in environments fungi and fungi that can create environments cancer. Because of this statement took away his medical certificate in Italy.

Sodium bicarbonate should definitely get more attention and consideration. At least it should be hailed as additional treatment for aggressive disease and a cure for minor ailments.

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