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Back to school shopping tends to be a very stressful time in our home with children of school age 4. All children have different lists, different teachers, different schools, and, of course, different tastes. Each year our annual shopping trip to school back ends in tears (children and mother). And half the time they do not even buy anything you need or overbought in things that were not needed at all. Last year I decided to do things differently, and worked perfectly. So perfectly, I am implementing this new way to back to school store this year as well.

If you have a home for several children, and often is stressed with the dreaded task back to school shopping, follow these simple tips to make it easier for everyone.

back to school shopping for multiple children

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  • Wait until all children have received their approved list of his master . There is no purchase of supplies previous point when you have no idea what is and is not necessary.
  • When all children have their lists, sit with them and count how many of each item of each child needs. For example, if Johnny needs a box of crayons, and Lizzy need 2 boxes of crayons, and James need 1 box of crayons -. In his new list would write 4 boxes of crayons
  • Each child can bring your list to the store, we know they’ll want to hang themselves, so if you have a master copy of everything that is needed in one place, there is no margin for error, without running back and forth to the corridors you have been to 10 times, and the buying experience go smoothly.
  • Before shopping, I would also like to check your local listings to see what’s on sale where, and plot your route to buy all their supplies in order to store location. This time, it will save time, money, and gas!

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Now that grocery shopping is done, comes after shopping clothes . This is often difficult, if all children are different sizes, and of course have different styles. This is the time I like to spend one on one with children. This gives them a mom and day before the start back to school. And it’s a good way to finish the book summer. In addition, you learn a lot about each child when you have them separated from the herd. And usually they are much nicer. Or they have a dad with the other night stay, or if you are lucky enough to have a nanny see litter during the day to do that. Do a thing about it though, to make buying clothes, then make lunch or dinner. This will make each child feel valued, appreciated, and confident for his new grade level.

Please note, you want your child to be able to have the freedom to make their own decisions when selecting your clothing. Confidence-building is very important in children of school age. Therefore, only take them to the shops I know have adopted clothes mom and departments of the store. For more fun with older children they can give them a budget. Then let them choose their clothes according to the pre-approved clothing, and the budget allocated to them. It is very simple for children to make their own decisions all the time while you are in control. This benefits all!

I hope these tips will help you on your journey back to school this year! Do you have some useful things to do with your children to prepare? I would like to know, please share!

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