Baby Born With DNA from 3 People : First Of Its Kind

Scientists say that the first baby born of a new controversial technique that combines the DNA of three people -. The mother, father and an egg donor

The aim was to prevent the child will inherit a fatal genetic disease from his mother, who had previously lost two children with the disease.

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The child’s birth is revealed in a summary of the research published in the journal Fertility and Sterility. Scientists are scheduled to present the details at a meeting next month in Salt Lake City.

New Scientist magazine, which first reported the birth, said the baby was born five months ago Jordanians parents, and who were treated in Mexico by a team led by Dr. John Zhang, Fertility Center New Hope in New York. It is unclear when the child was born.

The technique is not approved in the United States, but Zhang told the magazine: “To save lives is ethically.”
A spokesman fertility center, said Zhang was not available for further comment on Tuesday. Others involved in the research question to Zhang.

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The mother carries DNA that could have given his son Leigh syndrome, a severe neurological disorder that usually kills within a few years after his birth. His two previous children died of the disease at 8 months and 6 years, according to the summary of the investigation.

The technique involved removing some DNA from the mother of an egg, leaving the DNA that causes the disease back. The healthy DNA slid into the egg from a donor, which was then fertilized. As a result, the baby’s DNA inherited from both parents and the egg donor.

The technique is sometimes said to produce “three-parent babies”, but the contribution of egg donor DNA is very small.
people carry DNA in two places, the nucleus of the cell and features called mitochondria, which are outside the core.

The technique is designed to transfer only the DNA from the nucleus to the egg donor, separating it from the mitochondrial DNA causes the disease of the mother.
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The description of the research identified the mother as a woman of 36 years old, and said her pregnancy was uneventful. One of five eggs researchers tried was suitable for use.

Critics question the safety of the technique, saying the children would have to be followed for decades to ensure that they remain healthy. And they say it happens a fundamental scientific frontier by altering the DNA inherited by future generations.

Mitochondrial DNA is passed from females to their offspring.
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However, last year, Britain became the first country in the world to allow the creation of human embryos with the technique.

In the US, a government advisory panel said earlier this year that it is ethical to test the approach in people if initial experiments follow certain strict security measures.
This report was requested by the Food and Drug Administration, which is currently prevented by the Congress of the consideration of applications for approval of testing the technique in people.
Henry Greely, who directs the Center for Law and the Biosciences at Stanford University, said Tuesday that he sees nothing wrong with using the technique if it is safe and is aimed at diseases clearly caused by faulty mitochondrial DNA.

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But he called the investigation leading to the birth is just reported “unethical, unwise and immoral.” He said the approach “has not been sufficiently proven safe enough to try to use to make a baby.”

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