Ayesha Curry’s Gather Meals Review – Pre-Made Meal Cooking Startup?

Collect is a new food delivery service created by the wife of Stephen Curry, Curry Ayesha. The food delivery service has not yet been launched, but we have some early details to keep you up to date for the start of their new food delivery.

What it is to collect?

is a new meet once a week boxed meal delivery service that offers seasonal produce and delicious recipes carefully selected by the famous Youtube small lights-star Ayesha Curry mine.

These meals will be delivered directly to your door every week. With each delivery, you will receive the necessary ingredients to make some meals handmade Ayesha favorites so you can “meet and cook.”

really do not get pre-made meals: the ingredients for do you get those meals. You will need to combine the ingredients and cook on their own and then “share with family and friends,” Ayesha says on the official website Gather, Inc. website.

We like the unique twist in the kitchen in front of the pre-made, ie, their food would be fresh and prepared exactly to your taste buds like vs one-size fits all approach as most grubbing meal planning.

Apart from that, we know absolutely nothing about Gathering. So far, the entire company is only a landing page on its official site GatherMeals.com. No other information available at this time, but expect updates to be in the near or jumping on your email newsletter future. .

However, much of what we know or suspect know about Gather comes from the background of highly publicized firing Ayesha – including his YouTube channel and pop-up restaurant that recently he opened in San Francisco. With this information, we can make some educated guesses about how the meals meet is going to work.

Collect Food pricing

Collect Inc has not announced pricing details so far.

However, competitors in a similar space usually charge between $ 8 and $ 15 per meal. Breakfasts and lunches are available at a price, while dinners usually cost more.

Will Gather Ayesha charge a high price due to the celebrity name? Or will offer more affordable scheme that caters to families with an average budget? We will learn more details on prices in the coming months.

What we do know is that it is different from meal replacement shakes protein drinks and powders that can be used to. We have a meal planning guide that could be of some help in deciding which country in the food delivery service is best for you.

We wonder how it will stack of new industry favorites like blue apron or Hello Fresh What emerges from Mrs. Curry is that you will meet a unique touch and a lot of personality behind food and recipes used.

Gather meals Availability: Where will gather available

It is unclear whether meals are available only meet in the Bay Area around San Francisco or will start throughout the country.

Usually services like food delivery Gather launch in a small local area before expanding as they grow their customer base.

Who makes the food?

Gather claims that all meals come from Ayesha own unique background.

Ayesha is a cook with genuine experience. In early June 2016, Ayesha was associated with celebrity chef Michael Mina to open a pop-up restaurant in San Francisco

In recent months, has also launched a cookbook and a cooking small lights mine YouTube channel – so this is not a spontaneous thing now form designed to take advantage of its recent popularity. She has a lot of experience in genuine cuisine.

In any case, Ayesha Gather likely will have meals that reflect their diverse heritage. She claims that her cooking is influenced by his Jamaican, Chinese, Polish, and African-American heritage. All these funds have contributed to their unique cuisine.

To get an idea of ​​some of the meals you expect to collect, check out his channel Ayesha cooking here .

Stay tuned as we learn more about Gathering in the future! So far, the details are very scarce. The world of home meal delivery is a busy industry and, so it remains to be seen how Ayesha Gather be differentiated from the rest.

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