Avoiding The “O’s” :: 5 Real Food Finger Foods To Teach Self Feeding While Nourishing Your Baby

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Avoiding The “Just a shot of a Cheerio in the tray and allow the dog around!” …

That’s what my doctor told me 5 years ago when I brought my first baby for nine months so your baby checkup. I said it would be a great way for her to work in scope pincher and start learning to eat finger foods.

At the time I was about 6 months to learn about traditional foods, and how to feed a baby fed . I knew I did not want to pull baby cereal or puffing on his tray after feeding their powerful such nutritious foods as egg yolks avocados and bone broth during the previous 3 months. mouthfuls of baby cereal and other baby friendly call like is not more toxic, Extruded cereal O . There are only zero nutritional value, but the baby does not even have the enzymes digestive system to process the grain until long after the age of one year! We created our babies in the digestive chaos when the grain is introduced too young.

So my simple brain went to work to find a different way. She was loving and nutritious food purees and purees I was feeding her, so why not feed those same foods at her in a way less mushed ?!

turns out that that can really get a finger to pull fast food on the table or tray for baby learning to feed himself . Here are my 5 favorite I have come to use with 3 of my daughters now:

Avoid passing a few pieces and on the table or tray – that is as quick as zeros. And very nice travel from the banana has come in their own packaging! Many times in the morning I’ll put some pieces in the tray along with some pieces in some raw milk or coconut milk safe for her to fish out.

Avoiding The 2. AVOCADO:
One of the perfect food for baby! And another in his own wrap trip! One of the reasons for my big girls now eat avocados to the right of the shell is because it was the way he worked as a baby. Only score inside the meat into cubes and scoop on the tray or table. They are a bit slippery but it really is a great practice finger – they’ll get in

Avoiding The 3. Steamed or sauteed VEGETABLES:
peas, green beans, carrots, zucchini, summer squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, winter squash! super simple! Be sure to give them a good tablespoon butter or coconut oil to melt. friendly fats help to better digest vegetables, and since vitamins vegetables are fat soluble going to get more of the nutrients in vegetables. Get yourself a good Steam , and have a small container of steamed vegetables in the fridge for quick and smart grip. Saute in butter and a splash or two of bone broth if you have one – so good

Avoiding The 4. RAW SOFT cHEESE:
If you have access to raw cheese, the baby is going to love this! Edam is a great one mild to begin with, but also recommend working up some of the strongest premium soft cheeses, for baby’s palate get used to it. I usually warm in hand at first so it is very soft, but then the baby get used to it right out of the fridge.

Avoiding The 5. What’s in YOUR PLATE *!
Ok so the baby may not be able to get everything on your plate if there are any grains or a big steak there, but if you want to create a broad palate taste for your baby, and help baby used to all the flavors of home, eat right off your plate is the best way to do it. (And the “cleanup plan eating” better than ever encounter – those little eyes watching you are the best accountability to food * * same too) Without any grains, raw vegetables, or tough meats, scoop some of the soup in the tray or table, or give girls a little of your stew or stir fry Three children in this thing and have never had a baby refuses what was on my plate – and creates healthy young broad palate taste, so you do not have to fight for it later.

Other foods to consider! My babies love coconut butter , so when they start eating with your fingers sometimes I’ll slice off a few pieces that melt in the mouth, or on some banana cream. pastured egg yolks are a major nutrient dense punch in a small package. Read is on how to serve a soft yolk to baby as baby transitions finger food occasionall serve me a hard cut egg or scrambled. Please note baby should not have the white part of the egg until it is over age 1. Small pieces of crushed crockpotted chicken or meat grassfed seem to work well for my kids around age 1 and older as well.

So talk to me! What are your finger foods grain not preferred for baby learn to feed itself?

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