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Attune Foods is a company that produces food for the healthy breakfast that are safe for all family to get their nutrients from the morning before the day begins. This is our opinion.

What is Attune Foods?

Having a healthy meal to start the day is crucial. What you eat is on the way the rest of your day unfolds. Most people prefer to have something that is easy and simple to prepare at the beginning of a long day, which unfortunately ends up resulting in feeding their families sugary cereal or candy toaster. However, Attune Foods , you can still get the convenient breakfast you want with a healthy twist.

Each box of cereal and variation available with Attune Foods contains simple and pure ingredients that are not filled with normal condoms found in the hallway of the grocery store. All Attune food choices are made without dairy products and some variations are even suitable for consumers who follow a vegetarian diet.

What is at Attune Food Products?

The main objective of Attune Foods products involves the use of real whole grains. According to the website, there are several parts of a “real” whole grain. These parts include:

  • germ, which is the inner layer that is full of B vitamins to metabolize carbohydrates and other nutrients
  • endosperm, which is the middle layer that gives energy to the body
  • Bran, which is the outer layer and a great source of fiber your body needs daily

Basically, the real whole grains provide a lot of nutrients you can not get from any other single ingredient. In fact, some of the vitamins in whole grains (such as vitamin E and selenium) may even help prevent heart disease and cancer.

This real whole grain inclusion helps give each brand food and foodstuff Attune a higher level of nutrition. In fact, with a tablespoon, you should be able to taste the difference between this and other cereal grains.

Attune Foods Products

All food products available through food Attune correspond to the ingredients of the highest quality. In fact, Attune food makes your priority to fill all foods with organic ingredients and components are not genetically modified. Available through Attune brands Foods include:

  • Cereal Paz, which produces cereal with non-GMO and organic ingredients
  • Erewhon, which makes the cereal that does not contain gluten an organic
  • Attune, including bars organic chocolate
  • golden temple, which creates the granola with ingredients not genetically modified
  • Willamette Valley granola company, which makes the granola with organic ingredients.
  • Uncle Sam, what makes cereals containing high amounts of fiber, protein and whole grains
  • Sweet Home Farm, which makes natural granola

Some of these brands only offer nutrition. Uncle Sam cereal, for example, has a rolling method berry. This method helps preserve nutrition and flavor inside the wheat. The process uses a method of steam cooking, which flattens through stainless steel rollers before flake forms. This method is also used to Erewhon, but with organic wheat grains.

Attune Food Recipes

If you prefer to make some of the recipes Attune your own food, there are several cookbooks available to take you through the process. All books are available electronically, which means that does not have to wear a thick book to access anywhere. The different cookbooks include:

  • Mother’s Day
  • savory recipes
  • baking recipes
  • gifts at home
  • Back to School Lunch
  • Supergrains Dessert

Retailer Attune foods Products

If you find foods that you are interested in buying, you will not be able to buy products online. Instead, the site has a search tool that lets you search by your city or the food you want.

Food Contact Attune

Although Attune Foods is quite open about the ingredients and the methods they use can benefit from knowing more or inquire about your order with the service team client. Many of your questions can be answered through the FAQ page, so you should check out the first part of the website.

If you still have questions about products or your order, you can talk to the customer service department by calling 888-720-4367. The team is available to answer your questions Monday to Friday 08 a.m.-05: 00 pm PST.

If your circumstances do not allow you to talk to someone during office hours, you can also fill out the form on their website with their contact information. A representative will email you with an answer.


Essentially, Attune Foods aims simply to give foods that are healthy and well, that is exactly what your family deserves. As we begin the day with nutritious cereals, the pace of what your body can wait a day, and helps your metabolism a jump start to get established.

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