ATTENTION! These foods should NOT be reheated! You may poison yourself!

Have you ever cooked a pot full of moussaka, spinach or mushroom soup and store leftovers in the refrigerator? The next day, he has recently warmed dinner that ignoring the results you may have. Here is the reason why we should not be doing that.

often we get dinner ready for a few days, and warm them up accordingly. After that, some food dishes change their disposition and lose their dietary properties and even become toxic / toxic.

Here are some of the foods:



Mushrooms should be eaten immediately after cooking and if you have left them for the next day, which is ideal to eat them cold. This also applies for soups and risotto with mushrooms. Heating fungi can cause a change in protein synthesis and even a change of taste. At that time, they can lead to a variety of digestive problems and lose their medical benefits.



much as mushrooms, heating the meat causes a change in protein synthesis. Consequently, its not suggested meat heating at high temperatures, especially chicken, which contains significantly more protein than red meat. In the event that that is done, if anything, better put it at a lower temperature and hot for a longer period of time.



Potatoes are exceptionally healthy food that could not be heated first, because it loses most of its advantages and even becomes dangerous and toxic. Eating just after cooking or even ice – then has the highest rate of starch insurance exemplary meritorious for lasting feeling of satiety. On the off chance that you are planning to casseroles for a few days, therefore include potatoes.



Spinach is a food with high levels of nitrates, which by heating are transformed into nitrites. They are possibly carcinogenic to the human body, so it is only prescribed to eat fresh spinach or quickly after cooking.



Much of it like spinach, beets contain nitrates, which likewise by heating become incredibly insecure. This does not imply that one or two days you can not eat this food, however, only in the remote possibility that is not heated and eaten cold.



celery, which is more commonly used for preparing soups, should always be removed on the right after cooking, along with carrots and eat naturally and freshly prepared. It also contains nitrates. The soup can be heated in the off chance you removed celery and carrots, of course.



Eggs are high-risk foods that also becomes toxic due to exposure to high temperatures. This does not make a difference to foods when mixed in sauces eggs, for example, bechamel, however, refers to the dishes cooked or fried, eg moussaka.


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