Attention: Popular Deodorants Cause Redness And Swelling!

widespread media information according to complain of men on Old! Spice :. The pure sport of great deodorant resistance, which allegedly damaged skin

Rodney Colley is 23 years old student from Alexandria Virginia, woke up one morning feeling unbearable underarm rash. This student says that when he got under the shower in the morning, felt his hand was burning. When he saw himself in the mirror he noticed that the skin under the arm is swollen. He firmly believes that is a consequence of the use of deodorant Old Spice: Pure Point High strength, which used these days for the first time. Actually, Colley is not the only one who had bad experience with this deodorant. In addition, Michael Smith posted on YouTube video in which he described how after using deodorant armpits got burns.

The video can be viewed below:

However, since the company which produces this deodorant explained that the allegations were tested and Colley said deodorant is completely safe for use.


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