Aspirin Boosts Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment

Hot new approach to cancer treatment is immunotherapy. In this approach, expensive new drugs improve the body’s immune defenses to better fight cancer cells

How aspirin might help :.

A surprising study in mice has revealed that aspirin along with some new high-tech treatments can turbo charge your immune stimulation potential. Aspirin seems to be especially useful for improving the effectiveness of a exciting class of drugs that inhibit a compound called PD-1 or programmed cell death protein-1.

How to help the PD-1 inhibitor aspirin immunotherapy

Aspirin seems to work by blocking prostaglandin E2. Cancer cells produce large amounts of this compound to dampen the immune system activity.

So far, the exciting results in enhancing the effects of PD-1 inhibitors have been achieved only in mice.

Clinical trials are needed to see if this holds preliminary research in humans, but epidemiological research suggests that aspirin itself has anti-cancer action. Research of China, for example, showed that women who took aspirin regularly were 50% less likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer ( lung cancer August 2012 ). In addition, researchers have been aware that the use of aspirin reduces the likelihood of a diagnosis of lung cancer ( Annals of Internal Medicine September 1, 2015 ), to Although regular aspirin use can damage the stomach or small intestine. It seems that genetics may help determine if aspirin is useful for preventing colon cancer ( JAMA March 17, 2015 ).

Different types of genetic profiles may come into play in the possible use of aspirin to turbo charge the anti-PD-1 antibody immunotherapy. deals cancer risk significant amount of research showing short aspirin s hope that studies in humans can prove a useful interaction between aspirin and inhibitors of DP-1 as pembrolizumab ( Keytruda ) or nivolumab ( Opdivo ).

Aspirin has also been paired with metformin overcoming research on prostate cancer .

cell September 3, 2015

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