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Aspire FG is a company that produces products based on cricket, snacks and recipes for a nonpolluting source of protein, which is also sustainable over time. This is our opinion.

What is Aspire FG?

Consumers and gourmets around the world are always looking for new and innovative recipe to add to your repertoire of interesting flavors. However, in rural and urban areas, finding a new food is about survival and longevity. To preserve cultures in different parts of the world, it is absolutely critical that the human race finds ways to provide the necessary protein for those cultures. Students behind decided Aspire achieve that goal.

Aspire FG began as a group of five MBA students who participated in the Hult Prize contest a few years ago, which is a competition that is hosted by former President Bill Clinton. The group learned about food security and came up with the idea of ​​using insect breeding to help with nutrition in urban slums. They learned insect breeding in different cultures to find a commercial solution to limited food stocks to starving sources.

Competition is the greatest accomplishment crowdsourcing in the world, and the theme changes each year. The final presentation gave students included three different stages in their model

  1. The production of the desired local insects.
  2. Training of local urban and rural farmers to produce insects.
  3. Distribution of insects and insect-based products.

At this time, the company was established in food markets in Mexico, Ghana, and the United States. They have a long-term mission to help educate others about this valuable protein and how farms can contribute to the consumption of these insects.

Why choose crickets?

The crickets are incredibly high in protein , which means that it is able to get the amount of protein that is normally obtained from beef. In fact, the protein level is actually much higher, containing 20 g of protein per 30 grams of roasted crickets versus 8 g of protein per 30 grams of beef.

calcium and iron levels are also higher than beef, which makes this treatment a great way to get the nutrition you need, even if you do not regularly eat meat.

Aspire FG products

All products are Aspire made with crickets somehow. However, rather than just offer “ready to eat” version, the company also produces flour and crickets prepared recipe so you can make your own delicious dishes.

Aketta Cricket Flour

This flour is completely pure and free of transgenics, which gives a flour that is easy to incorporate into any recipe, rather than processed and bleached white flour. This flour gives a little extra flavor to your recipes, giving an aroma that is reminiscent of cocoa, sunflower seeds and toasted walnuts. The site has several recipes that can be used in, but you can also research online to find the best options. This flour has the highest content of protein powder of any of cricket, which is 67% protein.

You may sort flour in various sizes. Here are the prices for each size:

  • ¼ lb – $ 15
  • ½ lb – $ 28
  • 1 lbs – $ 44

Aketta whole, crickets recipe-ready

crickets prepared recipe can be purchased by companies wholesale, restaurant and food service only, and is not available for personal purchase. To order this product, you must submit a request by email to [email protected]

These crickets need to be stored in the freezer in a sealed container until ready to put it in your recipe. When ready to use, thaw in water at room temperature. If they are frozen, they need to be used within three weeks. If you have to defrosted, you need to use them within four days maximum freshness.

For orders up to 25 pounds, you will have to pay a fee of $ 38 per pound. To order a larger shipment, include your email application.

Aketta whole crunchy crickets

Aketta Crunchy whole Crickets are ready to eat as soon as the package is opened. Crickets have been raised on an organic diet, which helped add nutritional value to them. They have been cooked with dry heat to create a crisp and delicious texture, so that smell like sunflower seeds or toasted walnuts.

You can make your purchase with several different sizes. These are the purchase options:

  • ¼ lb – $ 15
  • ½ lb – $ 28
  • 1 lbs – $ 44

contact Aspire FG

the only way to get in touch with the team Aspire is sending an email [email protected] If you are in Ghana, you can email the company in [email protected]


The main objective of the creation of these recipes are based cricket to find sources of protein for crops that are constantly struggling to find a solution for food. However, when making purchases of this company, they are able to fund the efforts of the founding students. This funding can be for the objectives they have for hungry families in Ghana, Mexico, and the United States.

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