Aspartame in Diet Soda May Cause Premature Death in Women

Over the course of 10 years, 60,000 women were studied in order to confirm the effects caused by aspartame in your body. diet soda sweetened with aspartame are related to a 50% increase in deaths and 30% increase in heart attacks.

sounds like drinking diet soda is pretty bad for your overall health, after all. The fact that these soft drinks have fewer calories than normal, this does not mean that they are actually good for your health.

What are companies doing about these findings?

Actually, as usual, the results have been hidden by the masses giving a false explanation of fat matter why diet sodas are not true because of these risks and diseases.

They say drinks are correlated with all these risks. An article on CNBC said that women who used to drink too much diet soda actually only try to cover all of their unhealthy habits. Regardless of what they said, there was any evidence to support his words.

Remember, any type of synthetic vitamins that correlate with increased mortality, is automatically considered as a cause of death. The correlation should be determined only as a cause when scientists say it is.

Do you know that aspartame is considered a neurotoxin?

Scientists are not willing to explore all the evidence showing what the risk of death is caused by aspartame. realize that if they do not examine all matters relating to the substance can not be held liable for damage are given. People simply want to ignore all the serious problems in the hope that it will make the problems go away.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Women around the world continue to have problems related to this neurotoxin. The reasons why many humans have 50% increases their chances of dying are not caused by your lifestyle. As a matter of fact, that is caused by the content of diet soda. Women believe they do something clever by limiting the amount of calories introduced, when they are actually making the situation even worse.

This is a fact that could gross out: aspartame a compound made of feces bacteria that have been genetically modified. Now, we do not know about you, but consuming bacteria stool is not at the top of our bucket list. It’s not even real sugar. It is chemical performed within a laboratory. When aspartame is put on diet soda, which decomposes and forms formaldehyde and methanol.

During the process of digestion, formaldehyde forms formic acid in a, as has been oxidized first. For those who are not aware, formic acid causes toxicity in mammals. This toxic chemical is preferred weapons of ants. All this sounds like it’s something you want to put inside your body? Most of us will respond quickly with a “no”.

Can aspartame cause any neurological problems?

Of course, people living in denial when it comes to see the truth about all the side effects caused by aspartame will tell you that the compound is totally harmless. You’ve probably heard GMO supporters say exactly the same. They do not feel like there’s a problem with GM. Others do not feel there is a problem with mercury.

If this is the case, then why is aspartame linked to headaches, neurological problems and blurred vision that occurs when consumers drink diet soda several times? More than 90 side effects that have been associated with aspartame consumption. Dizziness, memory loss, seizures, insomnia, dizziness, headaches, loss of taste, numbness, hearing loss, vision problems, depression, rashes, irritability and a lot of other diseases and health conditions have been linked to this compound.

Drinking diet soda only give you a slow painful death. Do not let the neurotoxin make sicker. Do something about it, even today. Change consume food and beverages consumed with something healthier. You owe it to your body and yourself to stay alive for as long as you can.

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