ASDM Beverly Hills Ultra Firming Cream

By Denise M.

I was given the ADSM Beverly Hills firming cream to taste. I was excited to try this product because being in my late 50s, I’m anxious to try any and all firming creams to see if I can find the Holy Grail. I’m always looking for that fountain of youth the older I get. I would describe my skin as pretty good for a woman of about 50 years with not too many wrinkles. I am, however, beginning to notice slight sagging around the jaw and nasolabial areas. I am religious, but about using sunscreen every day no matter the weather and I’m always reading about any of the ingredients of today’s leading emerging market. I’m a sucker for a new product and decided in my next life, I was going to be a tester of skin care in a scientific laboratory concoctions create some place I could try on my skin.

said, I was intrigued to use this product because of the many firming ingredients, all seeming to pack a knockout punch. Matrixyl 3000, of course, is the leader in being able to firm and change the skin texture and tone, according to many articles I’ve read online. But ADSM did not stop there. Also there tripeptide-5, Argireline, Hyaluronic acid, SesaFlash, and coenzyme Q-10. I was familiar with most of these ingredients except SesaFlash. Therefore, inquiring minds wanted to know and I found that Sesa flash demands a tightening action, releasing wrinkles effect, sensory experience and level of hydration. SesaFlash can be used in all types of applications in which smoothing, tightening, firming desired, anti-aging and moisturizing properties. It is an ideal complement long-term anti-aging active ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000 and others. ( source )

I started by adding this cream to my morning routine using first one or two serums I have, as they are lighter in texture and did not think that would interfere the effectiveness of the cream and then incorporated into the product before any of my other moisturizers so I had a chance to absorb into my skin. I did not notice any excess fat or oiliness while using this product, either. ADSM says is a luxury cream and I would very much agree with that statement. But it is not so luxurious it felt heavy or felt like it clog pores, which only has a very light feel and is absorbed directly into the skin, leaving no shine, but a good shine, as states of ADSM. Then there is the beautiful fragrance of this cream. Definitely not overpowering, but more of a light, soothing aroma. It was not something that was delayed, which quickly dissipated once smoothed her in so that if someone is sensitive to fragrances, this cream would not cause them any concern.

While I really did enjoy using this cream and was happy that I was able to prove it, I did not realize until firming as I would have liked. I was looking to see if this cream could give me a real lifting effect or a decrease of those dreaded nasolabial lines, which then give the impression of firmness. He did not do that, but I realized that the tone of my skin seemed brighter and clearer. However, I could not recommend this for any firming action, as unfortunately I do not see that in the period of time I tried it. Therefore, my search for firmness continues.

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