ASDM Beverly Hills Tepez Regenerating Serum

I’m 66. Although I take very good care of the skin, of course empathize with dryness and loss of elasticity they come with aging. I used a pure hyaluronic acid gel under my moisturizer for a few years. When I got the chance to try the ASDM Beverly Hills Tepez Regenerating Serum ($ 45 in store), I stopped using the product he had been using since hyaluronic acid is the second ingredient, after water Tepez serum. My expectation was that my skin would continue to feel and look as hydrated as he had done with hyaluronic acid gel.

I used serum from two to three times a day, depending on whether it worked. It has a thick-ish consistency similar to a lotion and comes in a pump dispenser 2 ounce glass. This is a generous amount for the price $ 45.00 and I have almost two-thirds of the bottle left after four weeks of testing. The pump has run smoothly, which is not always the case with some products I’ve used. (It can be maddening!) The serum was creamy and disappeared into my skin instantly. No discernible odor. 2 pumps used each and every time I used it when my face was wet or damp. It was the first product in layers and always used a moisturizer and an eye cream on it. In the AM, which ended with a sunscreen. In the afternoon, I used Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C peptide firming oil; sometimes under the serum and sometimes over it (I could not decide which way was the right) and then layered a moisturizer and eyes.

The active ingredients are Tepez serum hyaluronic acid, Tepezcohuite extract, vitamin C, dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline and genistein. ASDM I called to ask about this because the website says there are five, but the names of only two of them are listed. I also contacted ASDM because tepezcohuite extract does not appear in the list of ingredients on the bottle or on its website. I was told this was a mistake and is present at a concentration of 16%. In response to where it would be in the list of ingredients, they said it was near the top of the list, but he could not give me a more accurate answer.

Extract Tepezcohuite, which is made from the bark of a tree (Mimosa tenuiflora) found in Mexico, Central and South America, is known to protect hyaluronic acid while stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in the human body. Because it holds moisture well, which helps keep skin hydrated when used topically. Vitamin C in the form of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, also helps collagen production, reduces inflammation and reduces age spots. While it is not as well documented as the L-ascorbic acid, no doubt, it has anti-aging properties. Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline assists in correcting wrinkles and skin rejuvenation. Finally, genistein also helps with collagen production, so the skin is more elastic. It seems that, together, all these ingredients may work synergistically to increase skin thickness, texture and appearance

There are a lot of botanicals in the formulation also .; as jojoba seed oil, honey extract, silk powder extract, aloe barbadensis leaf and grapefruit seed extract. Other ingredients used to emulsify the ingredients and thicken the lotion. There is nothing that seems toxic or worrisome. Beeswax, although natural is a paraben as it does not sink into the skin and could clog pores for those who tend to be oily. However, I base my conclusions on the list of ingredients, which I now know is not at least one ingredient.

After four weeks, I can say that ASDM Tepez Regenerating Serum has fulfilled my expectations. My skin feels so well hydrated as it has when I used the pure hyaluronic acid gel. The price point of $ 45.00 for 2 ounces is 40% less than what I’ve been paying for the hyaluronic acid gel had been using and provides an extra 0.3 ounces product. Additional active ingredients are certainly a welcome addition, too.

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