ASDM Beverly Hills Oxygen Plus Serum

By Jennifer M

Although I have aging skin fifties, have never had a problem with my skin – it is dry or oily. Given other facial products I use every day, I do not often find the need for per additional moisturizers, especially since they can leave my skin with a sticky, heavy or greasy feeling. So I was a little hesitant to add a serum to my long list of products. Still, the idea of ​​increasing the moisture level of the skin and thus regain some of that soft, pudgy feeling youthful cheeks my daughter was quite attractive – enough so that I happily agreed to try AS DM Beverly Hills oxygen plus serum ($ 39). I am happy to have done it.

First, this serum is reasonably priced and could easily last a couple of months. The bottle has an easy to use pump that dispenses just the right amount for an application (only one size of a pea). The product itself has a light gel-like consistency and not, as I was relieved to find, leave any heavy or greasy skin feel. It is a clear, odorless gel that easily absorbed. After application, my skin was soft and moist sensation that lasted for several minutes; however, this faded completely absorbed when serum.

The instructions indicate that a small amount of product should be applied both morning and evening. I started my process using serum as the first step in my skin routine, just after cleaning. This proved to be a bit of problem for me, because when I tried to apply a second product to my skin a few minutes later, only froze and refused to absorb. I came into contact with people of Beverly Hills asdm to do if matter at what point in my line of skin care serum I applied and received a prompt response.

Manufacturers suggested this serum wait at least five minutes before applying other products on top. When I gave five minutes waiting a shot, they seemed to absorb additional products normally. However, I’m still a little worried that the application of this first serum could inhibit the complete absorption of the following products, so I’ve been applying since after other products I use regularly, including a pair of MitoQ and Brad . Serum appears to absorb oxygen as well used in this manner.

more oxygen serum is formulated both to help in cell metabolism by delivering oxygen to the skin and increase moisture levels, which helps give the skin a plumper look. Although I have not seen or felt any significant difference since the addition twice daily of this serum, I will not give it up. (The fact that I live in the humid Ohio River Valley and is part of steam the year must be taken into account.) There are some reasons that I’ll keep around, one of which is that I’m pretty sure this serum can provide only the extra boost of moisture from the skin come my needs fall and winter, when the weather is drier.

Furthermore, although I do not feel the need to use this product on a daily basis, I I have found that treatment was very valuablepost-shell . have recently added three shells week, and I refuse to excessive burden of my skin with any other product of great punch after treatments. Oxygen more whey has proven to be a perfect follow-up shells. Any lingering sensitivity, burning, tingling or drying that occur are cooled, soothed and hydrated with this serum.

As expected, the brand specifically touted as a great treatment post-peeling and rightly so: The serum contains perfluorodecalin , an ingredient used in some medical applications because of its ability to provide additional oxygen to a specific location and accelerate wound healing. Furthermore, the serum contains arnica montana an antibacterial hyaluronic acid and antiinflammatory grass, and hydration. It is not only a powerful moisturizer HA, but also said to promote the growth of skin cells after peelings.

Altogether, more oxygen ASDM Beverly Hills serum proved to be a welcome addition to my regime skin care, and I feel comfortable recommending to others. If, like me, you’re looking to add a touch of moisture to the skin, but away from creams and heavier lotions, it is a serum from a very reasonable price, which also shines as a great post-peeling treatment.

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