ASDM Beverly Hills Glycolic Acid Complex Lotion

ASDM Beverly Hills Glycolic Acid Complex Lotion

always I am looking for exceptional body lotions that provide real results anti-aging, and I am very happy to have found ASDM Beverly Hills Lotion glycolic acid Complex ($ 35 in the store). It is a very useful addition to my anti-aging arsenal.

ASDM is a brand that truth in the elderly community has come to love for its competitive prices and centered formulas. This body lotion up to the approach in addressing skin tone, smooth texture and decreased crepe from the chin to the toes -. All without breaking the bank

This is not a body lotion with a nod toward the peel; it gets right to the point with two alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) , glycolic acid and lactic acid, being the key ingredients. Backup is provided by pineapple powder, which has the fruit enzyme bromelain to exfoliate dead cells. That said, Lotion Acid Complex no tingling or stinging. I found it very nice and comfortable to use and reasonably hydration due to the grape, Camellia (tea) and rice bran oils.

These oils are also full of antioxidants, like aloe leaf and mango. I was intrigued to see honey powder – my guess is that it provides some antioxidants (less than raw honey), but is probably much easier to formulate with. There is also a Probiotic called lactobacillus fermentation, converting sugars into lactic acid. In skin care, which is supposed to be useful for acne, eczema and other skin disorders.

For purposes of my testing, I used ASDM Beverly Hills Acid Complex lotion after every shower. I found that my skin tolerates this well and I did not feel I was over-scrub. For continuous use, I prefer to switch with a lotion for the richest body without AHA in order to get the right balance of hydration and exfoliation.

One final note: This is very useful for skin tone and texture generally. It has helped a bit with some white spots that I have in my arms. I have dark spots on my body to try, but the suspicion that a heavier shell, such as Stacked skin care would be a better bet for these discoloration.

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