Aronia Berry – Powerful Antioxidant Superfood

Aronia Berry is a new hot super claiming to be rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. Here’s our guide Aronia berries and how they work.

What is Aronia Berry?

Aronia Berry is a black-purple berry that resembles a mix between a little cranberry and a cherry.

Today, you can find the Aronia berry in supermarkets in the form of juices, supplements, and diet pills .

Where Aronia berry comes from? Why only hear about the Aronia berry now? Well, Aronia berry used to be known under the much less appetizing name of “chokeberry”. The Aronia berry growers decided to rebrand, which eventually helped berry grown in a multi-million dollar industry.

The name “chokeberry”, incidentally, comes from the genius of Aronia melancorpa.

Why should you use Aronia Berry?

Aronia berry is allegedly linked to a number of health benefits. First, it has one of the highest antioxidant values ​​ever recorded in the world of fruit. It has antioxidant content like fruits like blueberries, acai berries, and Goji berries.

Antioxidants have been known to reduce the risk of diseases and ailments. They defend against free radicals in the body and provide health benefits powerful.

Some people, however, have taken the Aronia berry benefits a little too far. Some claim that the Aronia berry prevents cancer, dementia, stroke and other serious health problems. At the moment, there is absolutely no evidence of this has been backed up by scientific studies.

History of Aronia Berry

Aronia berry is native to North America. However, he is best known outside North America. In Russia and Eastern Europe, for example, the berry has been used in juices and wines from more than 100 years.

Currently, the practice of cultivating the Aronia berry for its health benefits has spread to the United States. Farmers across the American Midwest are planting Aronia berry bushes as a cash crop.

The resurgence in the popularity of the Aronia berry is believed to have begun in 1997, when a family farm in the Loess Hills West Iowa planted the first berry bushes Aronia for commercial cultivation in the United States.

This family farm discovered that the berries grow exceptionally well in heavy soil, rich silt around the Missouri River.

Moreover, the Bush had few pests and did not require replanting each year.

Today, the family farm is one of the largest producers of Aronia berry of America – if not the biggest. hollow mill products family farm sold hundreds of supermarkets in America -. including Whole Foods and Hy-Vee

Iowa farmers have ambitious for the future of the Aronia berry goals. As a farmer said in an interview,

“we want the Aronia berry be in Iowa Heartland what is Georgia peach.”

more than 440 new products containing Aronia have been introduced in the last 6 years

CBS News reports that more than 440 new products containing the Aronia berry have been introduced in the last six years alone.

Most of these products are juices, wines and other beverages. They are sold worldwide -. Some for its rich flavor and others for their purported health benefits

In 2014, farmers formed the Cooperative Aronia North America in Omaha, Nebraska, with members from 10 states. Another cooperative, Midwest Aronia Association has members in 12 states with members in Ontario, Canada.

Although the formation of these cooperatives, farmers have not been able to realize a fixed price per pound. A member of the association, said farmers sell their Aronia berry for anywhere from 50 cents to $ 7.50 per pound.

The lack of information also makes it difficult to determine the economic value of the Aronia berry. The President of the Cooperative Aronia North America, however, estimated that the total economic impact was about $ 85 million in 2014.

Using Aronia berries

One study published in the European journal of Research and Food Technology in 2005 indicates that whole Aronia berries are high in antioxidants than Aronia berry juice.

So if you are taking the Aronia berry exclusively for antioxidants, it is best to choose fresh or dried Aronia berries.

However, all products are pure Aronia berry rich in antioxidants. The antioxidant dose is so high that it should restrict the amount of Aronia berry is eaten per day, as excess antioxidants can actually harm your health.

Aronia dried berries, for example, often come with a recommended one tablespoon of berries per day dose.

Aronia Health Benefits of Berries

Aronia berries have not been extensively studied by major scientific organizations. They have, however, has been the subject of several smaller studies, some of which have indicated health benefits powerful. This is what we know about the antioxidant benefits of the berries of Aronia:

– rich in antioxidants: Aronia is often listed as having a higher content of antioxidant elderberry , cranberry , currant berries, plum, blueberries , raspberry, and other popular fruits. 16,000 ORAC has, for example, compared to 6.200 in blueberries.

– Best Urinary Tract Health: Like cranberries, aronia can fight urinary tract infections because it contains high levels of quinic acid. This acid defends against bacteria and prevents the growth of microorganisms in the urinary tract.

– Improved blood circulation and blood vessels stronger: Of all the benefits of this list, this is the one that has undergone the least amount of scientific research. The only real study Aronia berry involving cardiovascular benefits and did not mean humans: the affected mice. It found that anthocyanins Aronia berry to reduce oxidative stress, improve elasticity of blood vessels and reduce the risk of clogged arteries.

– Rich in fiber: A portion of 100 grams of dried berries Aronia contains 16.9 grams of fiber. Fiber is essential for good gut health and has been associated with a variety of health benefits -. Including improving intestinal health, weight loss, levels lower cholesterol, and more

Ultimately, the Aronia berry has shown some surprising health benefits associated with most of its rich antioxidant content. Today, aronia berry juices and drinks are easier to find than ever before, so it’s easy for you to enjoy the health benefits of Aronia berry.

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