AquaTru Countertop Water Filter – Bottled Quality?

Water quality is a serious problem. If you live in a residential property or in an apartment complex, you want to think about alternatives to tap system that is already underway. Most tap water systems are loaded with hard minerals and sometimes even toxins. To protect you and your family, you may have to implement a system of independent water safely removes all chemicals and mineral products. While there are certainly many options water filter on the market, very few jobs and Aquatru .

To ensure that you are making the right decision for your home, here is a review of Aquatru.

What is Aquatru?

Aquatru is a filtration system reverse osmosis water purifying tap water at home. Water is similar to that of bottled water, but in this case, you have purification system in your home that generates clean drinking water. One of the main advantages of this product is that it does not require to modify your plumbing or installing any device on your faucet. The reverse osmosis system is placed on the counter. The device is small enough to fit comfortably on your counter space. With the device, you can get the full benefit of bottled water without having to buy and use plastic bottles.

Another apparent to the use of this product advantage is that by using this reverse osmosis system that essentially creates the bottled water in your home, you can do your part to protect the environment. With this product, you no longer need to buy boxes of bottled water because this filtration system produces the same type of water in bottled water, only without the use of energy and plastic using bottled water companies.

The patented design

AquaTru is based on a patented design. The design features patented a reverse osmosis system that has a design of four stages filtering tap water quickly becomes clean drinking water. If you look at a bottle of water bought in the store, you can see that most manufacturers use the same type of filtration technology for its own reverse osmosis water.

The reverse osmosis system is also different from other water purification systems that are used at home. In particular, this patented design is drastically different pitcher purifiers that many households buy. Unlike this system actually clean water toxins and minerals, the launcher system only eliminates odors water and simple chemicals. Pitchers do not and can not eliminate the most dangerous and significant chemicals reverse osmosis system is able to.

For some, the main disadvantage of the product is that due to the reverse osmosis system, the product uses filters that need to be replaced. While this is certainly true, the good news is that the filters are relatively inexpensive compared to other water filtration systems at home as compared to buying cases of bottled water.

Most importantly, changing the filters regularly ensures that the water you drink is safe, clear and completely clean of toxins. The filters also reported that when they have to be changed, taking all the guesswork out of maintaining your system. Finally, if you need to change the filter, additional filters can be sent home, making it very convenient product.

A reliable product

Another advantage of the system is Aqua Tru plastic tanks and water are made of plastic BPA free and dishwasher safe. With a safe product free of BPA and dishwasher, you can be sure that you are bringing high quality and safe product in your home for you and your family to use.

AquaTru How Reverse Osmosis Works

AquaTru is a witty and interesting product, especially because of its design reverse osmosis. The product uses a filtering technique four stages taking water from tap water to clean, clean, and purified drinking water. Here is a summary of filtration steps to have an understanding of exactly how this product works:

First stage: Pre-filter

In the pre-filter, the water passes by a mechanical filter. The mechanical filter traps the largest and most important of impurities in the water, like sediment and rust. After passing through this filtration step, passing the second stage.

Second stage: Activated charcoal Blocker

blocker activated carbon is a porous carbon block. The carbon acts as a pre-reverse osmosis filter. At this stage of filtration, the filter removes substances such as chlorine and chloramine. As you can tell, at each next stage of the process, filtration traps smaller particles.

Third Stage: Reverse Osmosis Filter

In the third stage, the water passes through the reverse osmosis filter pump powered by a high-pressure water. At this stage, the filter traps aluminum, nitrates, asbestos, chromium, copper, lead, pesticides, prescription drugs reside, and perchlorate.

Stage Four: Polished – Taste

In the final stage, the water is free of impurities. Here, the system treats water by passing it through an activated carbon filter coconut. The final filter removes all minerals that affect the taste of water. As a result of this final stage, water having essentially the same taste and is cleaner than bottled water is obtained.

After the water percolates through this stage, it accumulates in the removable tank positionable in the refrigerator. Since the product comes with two tanks, you can keep in the fridge and use the other to further purify water.


aqua Tru is able to purify a liter of water in 12 to 15 minutes. After the water is purified, it filtered into the clean water tank containing 3 liters of water. However, this water filtration system is an innovative and convenient to clean tap water at home way.

Since the filters last from 1.5 to 3 years, you can save on costs associated with this device. Best of all, can be easily transported and used in many places. To order the product, visit the manufacturer’s website.

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