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Antioxidant Rich Berry Gummies can not even wait for warmer weather finally * be (constantly) here! My goodness do we have a long winter – but guys … we have the best summer ‘m talking hot but not too hot, and on hot days the amazing waters. Lake Michigan are just on the way to cooling with world’s best kept secret on the beautiful sandy beach to relax. Antioxidant Rich Berry Gummies as much as I like to keep [19459011] pallets summer in the freezer during lazy summer days at home, we are actually in going to the beach or park a little during the summer. These gummy berries are useful for a quick pick for girls and an extra protein boost. They make for a very special gift in her eyes as well! One of my mottos feeding for children is take every bite. I’m not a big fan of empty calories, or just give the kids something that “I have more” until lunch. They are in the growing all the time, even through the years of adolescence, so they want every bite you take into account for this. And especially younger children, as young children, who do not take a lot of volume of food in the first place – I’m not about to snack on a bag of fruit snacks with zero nutritional value . Antioxidant Rich Berry Gummies These gummies are not only full of rich grassfed gelatin proteins, but my choice of fruit has a purpose too. Berries are loaded with antioxidants to protect and repair the body. And since they have an incredible flavor that really no need for additional sweetener. Many days grabbing a handful of berries and a slice of raw cheese or crunchy nuts to bring the park for an appetizer is my choice but as my children grow up and see their peers with snacks fun in colorful bags, your I been nice to have something like this to bring a smile to your face. also make great classroom birthday treats. We definitely even fun ice cream birthday and cakes special birthday home to celebrate, but do not think cupcakes need to be consumed both in his party and in the classroom (which usually occur within the same week!). These have been popular among classes of my little so far girls (yes I realize they are still young – will have a year at a time to see if it thus comes as they age) Antioxidant Rich Berry Gummies [19459004] products in this section links are affiliate links. It costs you nothing and helps maintain free information on this site and answer the questions of “what brand you use?” Please know I will never recommend any product personally would not use in my own family.

A couple of notes on molds for rubber bands! I really like silicone molds that are firm to give a good grip, but also sufficiently flexible to push out gumdrops easily without sticking , popping the mold “in outside”. I’ve been using mine for years and have maintained very good! I obviously have a house full of girls so I have a couple of leaves of these molds flowers and these molds rabbit (which they are ideal for Easter celebration too!). But actually I’m thinking of getting some of these flat forms a circle and these square molds ‘m already thinking about my nephews may prefer those to eat when Come to visit! I thought these molds lego were very good too! And I’m pretty sure even my girls would love these dinosaur molds and molds robot ! Molds are a reversal of the fun that can be used for everything from these gummies, to ice cube trays!
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  • 3 cups frozen mixture of organic berries (I get big bags of organic frozen at Costco. Since the berries are a very pesticided crop would opt for organic.)
  • ¼ cup water
  • Optional ¼ cup raw honey (My kids are accustomed to simply the fruit, but if I’m doing this for other children that could be used for sweet foods and then add. If you have little ones would leave out and keep their palates used to only fruit)
  • ¼ cup soluble warm gelatin grassfed


  1. Put berries and Magua in a small saucepan and bring to a simmer. Stir for a few minutes while everything is melted and heated.
  2. Turn off heat and add raw honey. Stir to mix / melt.
  3. Put the mixture heated berries in a food processor or blender, add the gelatin and mix thoroughly.
  4. Pour into their silicone molds (this amount approximately 48 slots are filled in my mold) and refrigerate. I like to put in the freezer to make this look faster – it only takes about 15 minutes or less! The strongest jellybeans, almost frozen pop out of the nicer / easier too
  5. molds

  6. After gels mix up, you can pop jelly beans – I just push the silicone mold “within -out “- it works great!
  7. Keep your jelly beans in the fridge. They keep well in the lunchbox without an ice pack, though!


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