An Undesirable Side-effect Of The Information Age: Self Medication


By Dr. Gaurav Pandey Kant
Medical General Hospital Deep Chand Bandhu Government.
New Delhi.

The most annoying facing a doctor in general practice is a subset of patients, mostly 20-35 years old, who think only read a page in wikipedia transforms a doctor, as a kind of medieval alchemy. Its an increasingly common in this generation of Internet users key in their symptoms Google trend, read a few pages that turn up on search and take any of the drugs mentioned there, random. When they do not get the desired results or encounter some not so pleasant side effects of the drug, which is the time running to adequate medical and expect miracles.

There was a friend of mine who is a doctor in the US .. An interesting fact realized in a roadside bookstall during his visit to India was a book entitled “How to become a doctor 6 HOURS”. It’s a joke among us even today. Frankly, I do not understand what the fascination between any Tom, Dick and Harry to become a doctor. Why can not people understand that it is a highly specialized work. A doctor spends anywhere between 6 and 12 years accumulating knowledge and hone their skills. This period includes both studying and so broad that a doctor can not be afraid of ghosts, but “books” shout in their ears and will run a mile without looking back. And beware that no amount of pages of Wikipedia read by a layman can never replace a doctor brain mapping.

Moreover, a lot of drugs and diagnostics options depend on the clinical judgment of a physician. This clinical sense is not developed by a miracle, but seeing thousands of patients every day through student days and training period. A practicing physician in a hospital practically lives, eats and breathes diseases, drugs and drug interactions and dreams pathology. Thus developing clinical sense that difficult to achieve. I can not see any search engine which for the public in the foreseeable future; at least not until quantum advances made in the field of artificial intelligence.

What happens when you need light up your room? Do you go to the market, a bag full of capacitances, resistors, integrated circuits, toroids and start making a home CFL is achieved? No. you a ready to use, instead of CFL product is achieved. Trust the company that made the CFL to illuminate his room, although he did hands are really so foreign to you as the poorest taxi driver in New York. You can trust a faceless person on a minor issue of a light bulb, but you can not trust life, medical breathing in front of you with a much more important issue is their own health !!! Is not the irony in the world?

And who is suffering at the end of the day? Is the doctor who did not visit? DO NOT. He just lost his consultation fee, but that is not a significant loss. The real victim is that because you are losing your health and create discomfort for itself. There are many things to consider when prescribing a drug. You can not detail everything here and can not understand that in a small article. But one thing I can understand is that the wrong medication can make you very sick taken in the child or kill most. Drugs are not something you could play. As the old adage says “health lost can never recover.”

So let’s decide today to say NO to free prescription strict. Let the specialist do the job for you regarding your health, in the same way as you would let a specialist in building roads for you, or a specialist chef to cook for you when you want to eat well, or fly engineer a specialized pilot his plane. It is very simple really. Your doctor is there to serve you. All you need do is trust him. After all your society that says “A doctor is God on earth”. a doctor will never hear you scream those words. When you have anointed us as the hand of God on earth, why not show a little faith in us as it does in him?

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