Amina Designs, List of things every girl should have by the time they approach their 30’s

I believe the children are our futuroEnséñeles well and let them lead the whole caminoMostrarles beauty they possess the interiordarles a sense of pride to make it more fácilDeje laughter of children remind us how we used serTodo the world is in search of a héroeLa people need someone to look hastaNunca have found anyone who fulfilled necesidadesUn my lonely place to Sery and learned to depend on me When a child reaches a certain age, there are some things that really should have been sorted by now. We are not talking about the rich husband and 2 children, but only some of the basic, simple things that should have been done and learned. Here is a list of things that every girl should really take the time approaching 30 years

1. a system of skin care that works for you

One of the important things that every girl should have a good system of skin care that works. Aging is not something most people take many turns to, when young, but the sooner you start taking care of your skin, the better. You can not stop the aging process, but can be slow, so that every girl should have a system of skin care that works for them.

2. A plan, a wish list of dreams and purpose in life

all need a plan or how if you will not know where to go ! Every girl should have a plan for the future and a wish list of dreams, to give them something to go for a real purpose and life.

3. A favorite restaurant

You never know when you will have to take someone for a good meal, so that every girl should have at least one restaurant they know will serve good food, in the right atmosphere and the right price. In this way, you will never be caught when he receives a surprise visit.

4. A collection of good lingerie

Invest in a good lingerie is something that everyone should do. Although no one else will usually see, great underwear makes you feel good and fill you with confidence. Unlike underwear worn, gray, never will!

5. Your own color palette

Another useful things that every girl should have is a good palette. It should, by now, has worked out what tones up work and not work for you. All girls should have their own collection of colors and how to apply them effectively.

6. A bank account of his own

Even if you are in a long-term relationship and have a joint account, you should keep your own as well. How else are you going to buy candy surprise for your loved ones and yourself ?!

7. A signature scent

An aroma of good quality is also an essential thing for a girl to have, especially for those special occasions. It will also become your signature and people will know immediately that you are around when you use it.

8. good, reliable and trusted friends

is necessary sometimes to get away from work and even leave the house to rest, relax and spend some quality time with good friends. A group of close friends who can be trusted can be an important part of the life of a child.

9. A bag is big enough!

Good quality and important bags are a must as well, and, these days, it probably has to be large enough to hold your tablet well. Not only that, but it must be large enough to carry bottled water, makeup, brushes, hand sanitizer and all other essential elements needed in the course of a day.

10. A regular training regime

should also get into an exercise routine. Whether walking, playing sports or exercising in the gym; a regular routine that is fun, will keep you fit and healthy and keep you looking and feeling good too.

What other things that every girl should have in your opinion?

Happy stay!

I decided long ago, never to walk in the shadows of nadieSi can not, if I have éxitoPor least I’ll live as I creoNo matter what they take from Mino can remove my dignidadDebido to the greatest love of todosMe is pasandoHe found the greatest love of todosDentro honey greatest love easy todosEs of conseguirAprender to love themselves mismoEs the greatest love of all And if, by chance, there especialQue has been soñandoque leads to a place solitarioEncuentra your strength in love

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