Amazing: Russian Scientist Took A Photo Of A Soul Leaving The Body And Quantified The Chakras!


! Dr. Konstantin Korotkov G. is a Russian scientist who says that the soul exists and has a test to prove that there is some form of life after death. It has captured a soul leaving the body in a photo, and chakras quantified.

The question of whether or not there is a soul has always been in dispute. Some believe that there is another don`t. Still, there is some evidence of existence, but perhaps some new technology can change this situation.

Until then, we can only observe the effects of the soul. The soul is not material that can not be seen, so it is very difficult to prove its existence. The `it s the same with gravity :. You can not see it, but siente` s effects

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is a professor ST. Federal University of Information Technology Petersburg, Optics and Mechanics in Russia that has created a device in the ’90s, called GVC, based on an ancient Chinese system of energy meridians. It is used to measure the bio-energy from living organisms with a method of assessment painless and noninvasive.

The GVC device uses a small electrical current, connected to the fingertips, and a split second it takes to send a signal. The body naturally responds to these electrical loads pulsed through the body with an “electron cloud” made of photons of light, creating a glow that can be captured with a CCD camera optical system and then translated by a computer.

Each point represents the tip of the finger specific organ and body system. Using a computer program, we can project with a body figure auric cloud around it, which is in correspondence with each chakra.

ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine states that each party corresponds to the tip of the finger certain organs and body systems. In our body, there are 7 major chakras or energy points.

Dr. Konstantin apply this idea in their technology. Each ball with a different color represents a different chakra, and the amount of mental, physical and emotional effort and work we put into it. The greater the distance from the center, this specific chakra more work required.

This can be translated into physical life: when your throat chakra is off, you need to work to speak up; that the heart chakra is off, you have to practice compassion and understanding with the people around you.

To show the exact moment of the soul leaving the body in the moment of death, Dr. Korotkov used a type of Kirlian photography. You can see a blue life force leaves the body. According to the Russian doctor, head and navel are the first points on the human body to lose its life force, while the latter are-the heart and groin.

has been observed that the souls of people who have died from violent or unexpected death, appears in a state of confusion, because consciousness is not yet aware that the person has died

More 300 doctors around the world have used this method to control stress levels and treatment of many health conditions. One of them is cancer.

More and more doctors are starting to realize that many health problems are caused by some emotional disturbance, which manifests itself as a physical illness.

To be able to fully explore medical issues, we must first understand how deep is our consciousness and how it affects our bodies.

Video: Photo of a soul leaving the body

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