Amazing factors about why don’t Japanese women gain weight

Japan has the same access to things that make people fat than any other first world country, why has remained the Japanese population in a healthy weight range, while the problem of obesity from other countries has skyrocketed? I think this is a culture that thinness values, not afraid (in some circumstances), and has better food education. [19459008ofender]

Do not be afraid to offend. Well, in other countries there unathletic 300 lbs + people going on national television saying that doctors have no right to tell them that their lifestyle is a problem.

A number of factors contribute to women are much thinner on average in Japan.

  1. healthy food culture. Japanese cuisine is usually concentrated on meals containing a variety of vegetables, smaller portions of meat, and usually less oil (fewer fried foods groups, with some notable exceptions). The Japanese are usually more awareness about the excess sugar content (some Japanese desserts are a bit bland, no sugar) and salt content in excess, to some extent.
  2. Women here, especially body image have focused on being too thin, so waistlines and weight are sometimes obsessive goals.
  3. Many people here are more active than in many urban areas people use public transport and walk much more than the average person in many Western countries. More people in Japan live in urban areas with good public transport.
  4. Related to # 1, many people here drinking Japanese tea as their main drink, soda or not on coffee drinks with sugar.
  5. There is a lot of social pressure to be ultra thin (especially for women), with people focusing on a thin body rather than a muscle or maintaining an ideal body weight. As it indicated in # 2, which can be obsessive, especially for young women (18-29 years old) that are linked with women of South Korea lower body fat in 2%. These same groups of women also hold the # 1 place for women in the world who suffer from anorexia nervosa or bulimia, the two most dangerous mental diseases mortality rates in the world.
  6. healthy snacking habits. Many snacks here tend to be types of vegetables or some kind of low-calorie. Algae is another common type. As noted portions are smaller for meals and snacks.

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