Alpha Fuel 720 – Testosterone Muscle Growth Booster?

fuel Alfa 720 is a testosterone booster that seeks to use natural ingredients to supercharge the male body. Here is our opinion Alfa 720 fuel.

What is the fuel alfa 720?

Alfa 720 fuel is called “improved post-workout supplement.” It aims to improve recovery times by flooding your body with testosterone. Testosterone replenishes your energy levels and improves muscle mass.

the supplement is available exclusively through a trial offer online available to residents of the United States. When you ask the supplement through the test program, will pay a whopping $ 89, 74 by only a small amount of one month from the supplement (the price test for initial advance is advertised as only $ 5.94).

at a price of almost $ 100, Alfa 720 fuel is one of the more expensive boosters natural testosterone we’ve ever seen. The trial offer has also been called a “scam” by some users.

So with all this in mind, let take a look and see if fuel Alfa 720 works as advertised.

How Alfa 720 Fuel Work?

Alfa 720 notifications fuel to use “natural ingredients to support the resistance and advanced recovery”. These ingredients have been combined into a convenient formula. the supplement after each workout is taken to raise testosterone levels , that somehow results in reduced recovery times.

The supplement manufacturer lists only three active ingredients in the supplement, including:

– Tribulus terrestris extract
– Horny Goat Weed
Extract Fenugreek

All three of these ingredients are produced naturally in the environment and have been used in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac. Modern scientific studies have also strengthened their profits and have shown that they do seem to increase testosterone levels in men (more on scientific later studies).

In addition to the three aforementioned ingredients, fuel Alpha 720 claims to contain four additional ways, including:

– Top Nitrous Oxide Replacement Training :. Formula consisting of L-arginine and alanine beta to help replace their levels of nitrous oxide and provide a recovery time faster

– Mental Resistance Edge: Contains “balanced proportions” of taurine, caffeine, green tea , and vitamins that help increase their strength and energy while delivering essential nutrients to the muscles.

– Premium Antioxidant Matrix: Contains additional antioxidants to “ensure the general welfare, improved and faster repair recovery,” according to the manufacturer

– Ultimate Matrix recovery. “Helping in. rapid recovery after training, along with providing essential nutrients for improved muscle buildup “contains a combination of glutamine peptides, amino acids and digestive enzymes

together, these ingredients provide the nutrients your muscles need after a workout, so enjoy a faster recovery time (at least that’s the claim made by the manufacturer).

Alfa 720 fuel Ingredients

We have learned about some of the ingredients of fuel Alfa 720 above.

Unfortunately, that’s all you’re going to learn about ingredients fuel Alfa 720. The manufacturer has refused to disclose its current list of ingredients and dosage.

do not know how much of each ingredient is included within Alfa 720 fuel, which makes all the claims made by supplement totally meaningless.

The lack of information on dosage is also dangerous. We know that Alfa 720 fuel contains high levels of caffeine. But without the exact dose of caffeine, we do not know if you’re consuming the same amount of caffeine to say, a cup of coffee (100 mg) or a solid energy drink (200 mg).

If you are a sensitive person to caffeine, then fuel Alfa 720 will give dangerous side effects such as palpitations, nausea and other related high levels of stimulants symptoms.

Another problem of the lack of information on dosage is that means we can not say definitely fuel Alfa 720 is linked to any of the promised benefits. – Although it uses ingredients that have been proven to work

Tribulus terrestris, for example, has been shown to improve libido and sexual well-being without affecting their testosterone levels doses of about 200 to 450 mg per day (assuming 60% extract saponins).

Other Ingredients as fenugreek aphrodisiacs , are known that have never been observed to increase testosterone levels in men, but has been shown to enhance arousal in doses of about 600 mg.

Ultimately, even if we did know the doses of the active ingredients in fuel Alfa 720, none of the ingredients are attributed to higher levels of testosterone. Of course, they are not tied to a faster recovery after a workout.

Usually, supplement manufacturers give their dosage information, allowing consumers to compare the formula against competitors. When a manufacturer does not show dosage information, which is a good indication of its formula is very little power and is not worthy of comparison.

Alfa 720 Fuel pricing

Alpha 720 Fuel lack of ingredient information is very suspicious. But it is the policy of scammy prices will make even more suspicious of this low quality stimulator of natural testosterone.

First, fuel Alpha 720 is only available through a trial that is in the official product page. You must sort through that judgment.

Unlike most of the “evidence” are online, trial Alfa 720 fuel is not free. Instead, it costs an initial fee of $ 5.95 ($ 4.95 S + H and $ 0.99 shipping insurance).

Then, 18 days after receiving the test product in the mail, your credit card will be charged $ 89.74. It will continue to be charged $ 89.74 every 30 days thereafter and will continue to receive monthly Alfa 720 fuel bundles in the mail -. Although not explicitly orders

we see Autoship scams like this all the time. Like most scams supplements, Alfa 720 Fuel hides the full price of its complement in the fine print of their terms and conditions. Most customers this text size-8 glazed and just watch the biggest, $ 5.95 price at the top.

However, it is important to note that you can avoid these fees if you cancel within the period of 18 days. This is how the fuel manufacturer Alfa 720 explains refund policy:

“If you cancel before 18 days of the date of purchase, you pay the S & H of its 30-day supply . If you cancel after 18 days of order date, must pay for 30-day supply, plus future supplies without refund. “

payments are made through the form online at the official website fuel alfa. The form accepts MasterCard and Visa.

will often find fuel Alfa 720 paired with a pre-training called energy growth supplement that is a nitric oxide booster.

Who makes fuel Alfa 720?

Alfa 720 does not list fuel manufacturing conditions, sources of ingredients, the name of the manufacturer or supplement.

That company only lists the following address:

Alfa Fuel 720
7567 Commercial Way, Unit E
Henderson, NV 89011

You can contact the company by email to [email protected] or by phone at 888-975-8682 free.

If the above address is searched in Google, you can find that is associated with a surprising variety of nutritional supplements sold online scammy through programs lucrative free trial. Other supplements associated with Garcinia cambogia that direction include Pure Select, Advance Power NO2, Infinity No2, and gainz 007.

what is going in this direction? The address is owned by RevGo Compliance, a company packing and delivery. LinkedIn page claims that company which was founded in 2011 and is headquartered at the address above.

Generally, supplements are manufactured in the United States or other developed countries such information are announced. The lack of information on bunkering Alfa 720 suggests that originated in China, India, or elsewhere in the developing world.

should you use fuel Alfa 720 to maximize your recovery?

fuel Alfa 720 appears to be another stimulating scam natural testosterone than an expensive multivitamin sold, underpowered caffeine pill while calling greatest testosterone booster in the world.

Actually, Alpha 720 uses fuel low quality ingredients that have not been linked to any improved recovery times or high levels of testosterone . The company also refuses to provide a list of ingredients or dosage information.

For all these reasons, fuel Alpha 720 seems to be a total loss of $ 90 price tag absurd.

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