Aloe Infusion – Aloe Vera Skin Care Cream

Aloe Infusion is a skin cream that promises to nourish, moisturize and repair the skin with natural ingredients . Here is our opinion Aloe infusion.

What is the Aloe Infusion?

Aloe Infusion is made from organic aloe vera and says using selected herbs, vitamins, minerals, oils and other natural ingredients to heal the skin.

By applying daily cream can hydrate, nourish and repair the skin while keeping it soft and young – at least, these are the promises made by the manufacturer of infusion of Aloe


How Aloe Infusion work?

Aloe Infusion claims to work more effectively than other skin creams because it penetrates several layers deep. Human skin is composed of several layers, and Aloe Infusion intended to penetrate all the way to the “basal cell layer.”

This means that the cream skin can go to work at the deepest level of the skin and at the same time not wash very easily. The cream intended to stay on your skin despite showering, bathing, swimming or other water activities. Because of these properties, Aloe Infusion intends to stay on your skin longer, up to 12 hours, increasing their effectiveness.

Now that we know how the ingredients get into the skin, how really work once they are on your skin?

Aloe Infusion claims to work by dilating capillaries (small blood vessels) in the skin tissue. This allows nutrients into the cream to spread quickly through the skin.

These nutrients then extend its antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory compounds in the skin, providing a soothing and healing effect.

How does Aloe Vera work?

As its name suggests, aloe vera is the key ingredient Aloe infusion.

The specific type of aloe vera is used in infusion of Aloe called Aloe Barbadensis Miller. The manufacturer claims that this is the varieties of Aloe Vera plants in the world today “highest and most effective of about 2.200 degree.”

The plant has 12 vitamins, 20 minerals and 18 amino acids. It is applied topically to the skin, these ingredients will work quickly nourish skin cells.

Aloe creator Infusion cites numerous studies where aloe vera acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. In some studies, it is even shown to reduce healing times for everything from the fire burning radiation freezing 3rd grade.

Aloe infusion ingredients

Aloe vera is just one of more than a dozen ingredients in the Aloe infusion. The total list of ingredients is as follows:

acrylates / C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, allantoin, cetyl alcohol, citric acid, coenzyme Q10, the crystal water, glyceryl stearate, oil grape seed, green tea, jojoba oil, kosher vegetable glycerin oil, kukui nut, MSM, ocean mineral complex, organic aloe vera, infusion of organic herbs (containing gotu kola, horsetail, geranium, and dandelion ), palm oil, panthenol (vitamin B5), reishi, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), rosehip oil, shea butter, stearic acid, vitamin C, vitamin e, and cassava.

The creators of Aloe infusion into surprising depth about why they chose each ingredient here:

Here a brief description of some of the most active ingredients:

– organic herbal infusion: Contains four different botanicals, such as gotu kola (a Chinese botanist ancient intended to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin), horsetail (a concentrated source of silica), geranium (used for topical skin care applications centuries) and dandelion (prized for its high mineral content).

– Reishi: Reishi is an adaptogen, alterative, anti-allergenic, antitumor, antiviral, for nerves, relaxing, stimulating, immune tonic, according to the creators of Aloe infusion. The compound is very popular in Chinese herbal medicine Taoists.

– rosehip oil :. Rose seed oil hip is becoming increasingly popular in beauty products because it believes it is very effective in preventing aging and skin rejuvenation

– Vitamin C: . Vitamin C it is a potent antioxidant that can also protect the skin from UV rays and increase the protective ability of the skin

– Cassava: Cassava is an anti-bacterial, anti- inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, astringent, blood purifier and laxative

– allantoin. Excerpted from a plant, allantoin plays a key role in cell healing and has also been shown to soften the skin


– green tea :. Green Tea is an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant known to contain high levels of antioxidants

– Ocean Mineral Complex: Aloe Infusion claims that this is a mixture of 92 ocean minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and copper. These minerals are intended improve skin health and enter the human body in a way.

Aloe pricing Infusion

Aloe Infusion comes in a variety of sizes and types of products. These are the different packages available:

– 1 ounce 9 + 1 jar free travel size jar: $ 49.95 + shipping

– 2 jars 9 + 2 ounces travel free size jars: $ 79.95 + shipping

– Aloe Infusion Micro-Algae + Collagen Cream (1.5 ounce / 42.5 grams): $ 79.95 + shipping

– April 9 + 4 ounce jars travel free size jars: $ 139.95 + shipping

– September 12 ounce jars + 6 travel free jars size: $ 299.95 + shipping

All products are available through the official website AloeInfusion .com.

About Aloe Infusion

Aloe infusion is a company based in Florida that shows your address as:

Aloe Infusion
1823 East Dr.
Clearwater Florida 33755

You can contact the company by phone at 1-888-428-4553 or by email in the form of their website.

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