Alli Weight Loss Pill – Safe FDA Approved OTC Drug?

there ® is an aid that is designed to amplify their efforts to lose weight, as you change your diet and exercise regimen. This is our opinion.

What is Alli ®?

Alli ® is a capsule that helps overweight people control their loss Weight more efficiently. Among the many promises that help to lose weight makes is the statement that will help you lose an extra pound for every two pounds you can lose without using the product. Like many drugs to lose weight, this is designed for someone who is overweight, and that will have to be taken several times a day.

As to whether Alli ® is the right product for your weight loss, you need to consider first the body mass index, which can be determined with Alli ® BMI calculator. It should only be taken if your BMI is 26 or more, indicating that their body mass is too high for your height. The use of this tool to determine healthy for someone who has been controversial in recent years, but still Alli ® uses the tool to determine eligibility weight.

The main thing that sets apart Alli ® from other products is that weight loss is the only one that has been approved by the FDA without a prescription. The company is careful to indicate that this is not a supplement, and that is only available over-the-counter.

How Alli ® works

The active ingredient is orlistat Alli ®, which has participated in more than 100 clinical studies. This amount is more than study drug almost any weight loss in the world.

By swallowing the capsule, orlistat is absorbed into the blood after digestion. Essentially, blocks about 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed by passing through the digestive system, instead of allowing your body to process and store it. By reducing the amount of fat your body retains and uses, the amount of calories absorbed by 9 calories per gram of fat is also reduced. This means that removing fat diet actually prevent you from getting the full benefit of taking Alli ®.

Furthermore, by preventing fat absorption in your body, forces it to use stored fat for energy. When stored fat is used to lose weight. Alli ® stays in your body for as long as it takes your metabolism to process food or drink through your digestive system. For that reason, Alli ® is unable to be specific about how long it will remain; However, they claim that the average person takes about 12 to 72 hours to expel the help of his body.

You can take Alli ® without worrying that it will have mood swings or higher blood pressure , because all the work is done with the active ingredient. This differs from other weight loss drugs that focus on the use of caffeine to boost your metabolism to burn fat.

Using Alli ®

At this time, manufacturers of Alli ® recommend that you take a capsule with each meal. This dose will keep you from overeating during the meal. While it can take up to an hour before eating, you should try just taken with food for best results. Each package comes with 120 capsules, which means that you should have enough for 40 days in a bottle.

Alli ® is designed as a supplement for adults who are struggling to keep your weight at a healthy level. While taking Alli ®, as with most weight loss supplements, you should maintain a diet that is low calorie and low fat.

Following these instructions, Alli ® indicates to await the results of the first two weeks. This expectation is not very different from starting any diet and exercise regime, since the impact of the most important changes is giving many people successes in the first few weeks. According to the instructions, most of its success will occur within the first six months, which means that either takes six months for your body to build a tolerance, or that is when your loss plateaus weight.

There are several restrictions on who should take Alli ®, specifically because it is only designed for adults who are overweight. There are certain medications that can not be used in conjunction with Alli ®, including cyclosporine, warfarin, diabetes drugs, drugs for thyroid disease, seizure medications, or any other weight loss drug or supplement.

In addition, if you have had an organ transplant if you are pregnant, have had gallbladder problems, kidney stones or pancreatitis, then Alli ® is not for you.

Some potentially harmful side effects that must be reported are itchy skin, jaundice or dark urine. While the drug is designed to suppress appetite, you should talk to your doctor immediately if your appetite has completely disappeared.

The price of Alli ®

The real price of Alli ® may vary, depending on the place of sale are buying the product. At this point, Alli ® is available through the following retailers to aid weight loss Alli ®, orlistat 60 mg capsules Recharge:

  • CVS Pharmacy: $ 59.99
  • Amazon: $ 45.25
  • com: $ 59.99
  • Walgreens: $ 69.99
  • Walmart: $ 56.47
  • Objective: $ 61.99

Although these are the prices and retailers, new retailers are adding Alli ® to its action all the time. Also, depending on current sales at the store, the price can change from list prices without any warning. The product is not available directly through the website of the company, so it can only get it through an external distributor.

contact the makers of Alli ®

Sorry, Alli ® is only available to US consumers. If you have any questions about products, applications for companies first look at the FAQ page to see if the answer to your question appears. However, if it is not, you can speak to a representative via email or by calling the customer service line.

to send an inquiry by email, send your questions to [email protected] If you prefer to speak to someone live, please call customer service at 1-800-671-2554, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Eastern Time.


While the formula is an effective medication help with your weight loss , there are many side effects that you put yourself at risk with this medicine. For best results and healthier method, consult with your doctor to make sure you have a body healthy enough to take this medicine.

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